Reply To: Agoraphobic no more! :D


    Hello Anton  :)

    Thank you for your kind words about my letter.
    I'm glad you are inspired by it.
    So my 14 years of being shut in at home helped you? lol :)
    That's great! I would only hope that your issues are far from
    the “being trapped in your house” kind of a thing! :)

    I hope PSTEC is helping you to remove those negative unwanted things in your life…
    cause as you know…getting “out” and experiencing life is such a great gift we should be grateful for everyday.

    Good Luck with your journey along your path Anton!
    Take care! Liz :)

    I just joined up and your letter is the first I read ! Inspirational thanks for sharing, it makes my issues seem trivial ! Thanks Anton