Reply To: For Fun – A Simple Animation about PSTEC

Meghan Saunders

    Hello Nightingale, Welcome!

    Thank you for the compliment – I hope it was helpful.  I have another one for the click tracks put together but have yet to time it out with music…. now it is summer and I don't want to tinker on the computer!!!!!

    The hands – – don't matter all that much.  You just try to tap along per Tim's instructions.  It does not matter if you tap on the top of your thighs or the sides or the sofa??? What is most important is holding the feeling, memory as Tim reminds and try your best to tap at the correct times with the correct hands – – – it's not about getting the hands perfect.  I think of it as more of a distraction? to the mind so you can take the express lane to get to the core of issues.