Reply To: My ultimate fear: rejection


    Wow Rhossie sounds like you really are getting into PSTEC!
    In the world of EFT they say “Tap on Everything” by which they mean every fear, bad feeling and self-limiting belief. Well I say “Click on everything!”
    If you cannot find a therapist in your state, then PSTEC sessions can be “over the phone” or even Skype. You would still probably need to find a therapist in the same or a nearby time zone.

    I'm finding PSTEC to be much more helpful than the “Cognitive Behavioral Therapy” I had used in the past. I want to try to click on as much as I can. I find I can get relief from a lot of my stress when I make time to click. :)

    I just discovered a new issue in fact. I thought that many of my problems where related to my low sense of self-worth/low self-esteem… But I've realized that that these things have a large connection to the fact I have extreme trust issues. Much more extreme than I thought. I've realized that I have almost 0 trust in the people, especially the people who I'm closest to. I realized that somehow along the way I not only lost trust in myself but I also lost trust in nearly everyone around me too. It's no wonder I've been feeling so stressed and sad! There's no support system from within or outside of myself and I'm much too afraid to ask for help from my friends.

    My boyfriend actually has no idea about any of these issues because I'm far too afraid to tell him. I just keep thinking, “He's got his own problems and I don't want him to be burdened by me.”

    But… You can't have a loving relationship without trust, without feeling like you can support each other in hard times.

    CTing is something I look forward to now. I actually picked up the Accelerators too. I've been using the relaxation ones before bed and I actually found they help me sleep better. Lately I have hardly even been able to sleep because I'm just stressed constantly. The relaxation track helps to calm me down so I can get at least a couple of hours of rest, and of course, it's going to help speed up my other PSTEC work. :) When I used the Relaxation Accelerator, I was actually able to get a feeling of being light and calm, even if only briefly. I have hope I can stay in that state of being calm, light, and relaxed eventually.