Reply To: PSETC and Very Deep Hypnotic States

Peter Bunyan

    It seems strange to me that no one has yet replied to your question. I have been intrigued by it, but kind of hoping one of the advanced practitioners would step in. However since they have not, here is my twopence worth.
    Hypnosis – Click Tracks are not hypnotic as others Paul McKenna for example, however we are as I understand it permanently in a state of trance, just lighter or deeper. When listening to Tim's voice we have allowed him to talk directly to our sub-conscious, at the same time we retain a level of conscious attention to clicking in time. As the click tracks work on several levels at the same time, it seems to me that you could easily slip from one to another, much as you describe, althought the experience could be different for each one of us since we are talking about an illogical, emotionally driven system. Overall I would expect odd shifts like yours to be fairly common… any one else care to comment?