Reply To: PSETC and Very Deep Hypnotic States

Earl Westergaard

    Thank you Peter,

    I have to admit I was hoping for an experience or two or at least some thoughts about this. I see the comparison between clicktrack's style of hypnosis and McKenna's style of hypnosis.

    I also suspect that the idea of fractionation was in my awareness and the fractionation of doing one session, coming back a little, then doing another session, taking you 'deeper' as they say could be part of my experience.

    Sometimes I would do say 3 sessions in a row, which one has to admit is a good chunk of time, but I believe it is very much worth it. I have done this for years with different hypnosis and meditation recordings. Not all of the time only when I really want to tackle an issue with a lot of focus and vigor.

    Funny you should mention McKenna. I have a few of his things. So let's say I 'need' to relax, I would listen to something of his on relaxation. Now I'm relaxed, but I think to myself, I want to relax even more, but not drift into sleep. I just hit play again and go even 'deeper'.

    Maybe after that I feel good in my body and mind and that is enough, but maybe not so one more time and even 'deeper'. Then I stop and listen to my body/mind and if it's 'happy' I can either lay there enjoying the feelings for who knows how long or I can drift off to sleep for a bit.