Reply To: PSETC and Very Deep Hypnotic States

Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Hi E …

    Click Tracks are not really a hypnotic tool or meditative tool, per se.  In fact, unlike most hypnosis and meditation, there is a required concentration or focus on the issue, trying hard to feel the feeling (remember, it's not important to feel it, just try hard to feel it) and doing your best to keep up with the tapping and clicks and tones.

    So, do people “zone out”, think about making dinner, think nothing is happening, even fall sleep, etc. ,etc.?  Sure, all sorts of experiences occur and, as Peter said, different people have different reactions.

    I have experienced and worked with others that were probably only able to focus on the issue about half the time because they zoned out, fell asleep or were thinking of something else.

    Sometimes that is all that's necessary and the issue is neutralized.  Other times, we have to run it more than once.  Sometimes, the subconscious does the rest of the work and no more conscious effort is needed… bottom line is you just never know.

    But, as you do more of this work with PSTEC and stay aware, you do get an idea of how this works for you and how your subconscious operates and then, for you, it becomes a bit more predictable… most of the time.

    My instructions for those types of occurrences; zoning out, mind wandering, etc.?  Do your best to bring your conscious attention back to the issue at hand.  Just like tapping to the clicks and tones… do your best.

    What if I zone out and don't “do my best?”

    No matter… re-rate the issues and if it's 0-1; move on.  If it's above 0-1, run it again. And to be doubly sure, cross the memory/imagined event off, but keep it and revisit a few days or weeks later and see if it is still completely netralized or not.

    You see…

    What is important is results … how you react while you do the Click Tracks is not imporant UNLESS it gets in the way.  Yes, sometimes those reactions are resistance, but that's the True purpose of the Conscious Mind… to shift your attention back to the issue and go again.

    Sometimes we have to “prove” to the sub that we are serious and it takes a few separate moments of effort for it to relent “control.”

    E, you may find that your mind “goes somewhere” each time or sometimes and that may just be your individual mind process… get to know it… experiment with it and, with any experiment, do it in a way that allows you to “measure” the results.