Reply To: How to Achieve Almost Anything – The Easy Way as a starting point?



    Wow. Thanks so much for your very detailed reply to my question.  ;D

    Okay, so Level One first it is. I will have to take a detour from the remaining steps you advise only because I have a hard drive full of models I brought and have not fully implemented. As well as being forced to take into account the severe hit my income has taken.

    Based on my experience with the PSTEC free sample, I fully expect Level One to clear a lot of things that are currently in my way and no longer serve my highest good. I want to at least give one model that has gotten a ton of positive feedback from people who have fully implemented the process over the last twenty five years.

    Many buyers of the basic model gets such positive results regarding reaching their outcomes personally and in business. they go on to advance training at $5500. I have the revised edition of the basic model so I may as well give it a go, if I clear enough tangled internal intructions after using Level One.

    If I still find myself being stuck (losing motivation, easily discouraged, etc.), of course I will pick up with your other suggestions where Level 1 leaves off as soon as I can afford them. Even if the other model works (well it does work apparently. I just have not been able to get through it to benefit), there's still lots to gain from your other suggestions and I will still implement them, but I will be better able to buy them without strain.

    If you do not mind, I will keep your informed of my progress…or lack there of.

    Jeff, again thank you so much for taking your valuable time to reply to my question in such complete detail.

    Kind Regards,