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      Hello Jeff and Meghan,

      Robert here from Philadelphia here. I have been fascinated by the possibilities of PSTEC since learning of it a few weeks ago and experiencing good results with the free PSTEC offer.

      I have a question for you please:

      Is it required or recommended one first go through PSTEC Level ! before venturing into How to Achieve Almost Anything – The Easy Way?

      In order to help you have enough details regarding what I wish as an outcome, I will give you more information. Seven years ago I suffered a work injury and now my income is roughly 25% of what is was pre-injury. Trust me when I tell you the last seven years have been difficult…to say the least.

      I have been attempting to get something going business wise, but I continue to come up against internal blockers. Along the way, I have come across many energy healing models that have been from very helpful to a waste of time and money.

      I have settled on a model that I get good results from, however the model leaves something to be desired. The issue I have with all of the energy models I have come across with, including the one that I really like, is that to one degree or another, they are fair to great at clearing internal charges. However they fail, or rather are not designed to build or install anything empowering to replace what is cleared.

      What I am looking for is a model that has the capacity to not only clear issues, but to build a foundational propulsion system of sorts to take me to my outcome without me continuing to get in my way.

      I have several online business models that others are having fair to fantastic success with. But I continue to remain stuck in neutral with one false start after the other and going from one thing to the other before giving a current project a full chance for success because of some undefined fear(s) and or  beliefs that are attempting to protect me from harm, disappointment, etc.

      So this is the issue I am looking to solve as I have a time sensitive goal that I want to shoot for and I know intellectually I have all the talent to accomplish. But something or some things internally continues to throw a monkey wrench into my motivation, confidence and problem solving  along the way to success matrix (for lack of a better word).

      Thanks in advance and sorry for the short story.  :)



      Jeff Harding
      PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

        Aloha Robert,

        I would begin with Level 1  because it is something that you must have due to the tools included… the EEF's (stronger Click Tracks) and the PSTEC Positive Tracks (PP).  It also contains two tutorials, the therapist tutorial (also excellent for self help; let's be honest, we are all to some degree at least a part time therapist for ourselves) and the Success with PSTEC tutorial.

        How to Achieve Almost Anything – The Easy Way is also an essential and what it does, as a 3 hour tutorial, is talk about how to use the Level 1 tools to achieve, well, almost anything.

        On your issue…

        It's difficult via an email or post because many times, when it comes to success and also abundance issues, they can be a bit complex due to the myriad of cultural, family and personal influences, experiences and belief systems we have acquired.

        But, they can be “unwound” and “replaced” as you put it.

        Keep in mind that you must attend to the “Law of 3”, as Tim puts it, when shifting your Mind Model (MM).  Those are emotions, beliefs and behaviors.  Emotions you have mentioned in your references to clearing and the free Click Tracks are ideal along with the EEF's and even the Accelerator Tapping Tracks (a part of the PSTEC Accelerator Package).

        Another very, very important aspect is the beliefs… sometimes tough because they can be quite subtle… not so obvious.

        This is the job for PSTEC Positive … that is the tool of choice.  But, not as effective if the emotions are high, so be sure not to skip by the emotional issues.

        You might want to look at a recent post from Dixie on using Positive Statements with PP..

        PSTEC is not an energy model or modality, but works with the mind which is the source of your issues… the source of your energies that are not in concert with your desires or your birthright of manifesting magnificence!

        Follow those tutorials to start and I would recommend the latest, PSTEC Positive Secrets, because I now have to put this in the Essential category and is a MUST HAVE if you want to Truly shift your perceptions from experiencing a non-JEEP world to one of JEEP and watching your desires proliferate right before your eyes…. cool, yeah?

        Malama Pono… aloha!


        PS Look… this is all about learning how to use your mind to realize your unlimited potential.  Follow Tim and use the tools… you will be there before you know it.

        PSTEC User


          Wow. Thanks so much for your very detailed reply to my question.  ;D

          Okay, so Level One first it is. I will have to take a detour from the remaining steps you advise only because I have a hard drive full of models I brought and have not fully implemented. As well as being forced to take into account the severe hit my income has taken.

          Based on my experience with the PSTEC free sample, I fully expect Level One to clear a lot of things that are currently in my way and no longer serve my highest good. I want to at least give one model that has gotten a ton of positive feedback from people who have fully implemented the process over the last twenty five years.

          Many buyers of the basic model gets such positive results regarding reaching their outcomes personally and in business. they go on to advance training at $5500. I have the revised edition of the basic model so I may as well give it a go, if I clear enough tangled internal intructions after using Level One.

          If I still find myself being stuck (losing motivation, easily discouraged, etc.), of course I will pick up with your other suggestions where Level 1 leaves off as soon as I can afford them. Even if the other model works (well it does work apparently. I just have not been able to get through it to benefit), there's still lots to gain from your other suggestions and I will still implement them, but I will be better able to buy them without strain.

          If you do not mind, I will keep your informed of my progress…or lack there of.

          Jeff, again thank you so much for taking your valuable time to reply to my question in such complete detail.

          Kind Regards,


          Jeff Harding
          PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

            You're always welcome, Rob.

            I can't help myself here with a rhetorical question … $5,500?!!  They better offer much more than advanced.  grin.gif

            Good luck on your path there, Robert.

            Aloha nui!


            PSTEC User

              Ha! Ha! Yeah, I know what you mean!  :D
              But his classes (three or four yearly, not counting private consultations) nearly fills to capacity (maybe 10 -16 students per class) most times I believe. His latest class, based on using his process to build a highly successful business of any type is…..$9,700! I kid you not. The training is over a four to six month online private class period.
              One person I know who is licensed to train with his process is only one of perhaps two persons allowed on the planet to do so. Years later she is very happy and makes a bunch of money holding online coachings and private phone consultations. Now I will tell you what she paid to get trained and licensed. $25,000! I kid you not.
              The model creator is apparently a very smart guy. He successfully completed a double major degree from MIT! In my book, this makes him a freakin genius.

              PSTEC User

                Jeff and Peter,
                This is a long one, but not any repeating. Hopefully you will agree that is worth reading for many members.Since my last entry, I have cleared a bunch of stuff.. This technology is amazing.

                However, the one I cleared lying in bed this morning at 4:30 am with my trusty MP3 player (okay as well as my cat who thinks I am his daddy) at my side was the most enlightening PSTEC experience yet.

                I ran one of the free PSTEC module click tracks on my experience of failing to build a successful business after winning a considerable amount of money from my employer's workers compensation insurer to use as seed money. In this, I learned a lesson the very hard way that unless your emotional and subconscious agreement sabotager's are FIRST dealt with (as in successfully dis-creating them), your chances of success are overwhelmingly dismal no matter how many outward resources you have.

                I did not blow the money on anything involving girls named after drinks and g-strings by the way. I had no other source of income so most of it went to my living minor expenses and the rest to my failed. business venture attempts.

                I did take my girl to Las Vegas as my way of saying thanks for sticking by me through a very tough two years while I was fighting my legal battle. One of the best things I did with my award.

                With the click track, I decided to address my feelings of failure and disappointment in myself (it is possible to have more than one emotion hit you at the same time regarding a situation so I addressed 'failure and disappointment' as one joint feeling with the click track session) in not getting a sustainable business going with tens of thousands of dollars available to me.

                I assigned an 8 to the intensity of the feeling. This occurred in 2008 – 2009 and I had done other modalities to address this prior with limited results in that in time much of the intensity returned. But it certainly was a 10 feeling for a long time. After the first round, it was down to 6. I was disappointed at so little movement, but took heart that multiple rounds usually does the trick. During the first half of the second round, there was almost zero movement and I was getting concerned that PSTEC had come up against an immovable issue! Oh me of little faith.

                A minute of so later, out of nowhere, an image of me in front of my notebook PC flashed in front of me with my eyes closed. I immediately knew what it represented. At one point during my search for a successful venture, I went into penny stock speculation. At first things went fairly well and on my best trade, I made $4,000 in about three hours. However, the advice I started to get from a so called small cap (penny stocks) 'guru' started to go horribly wrong. The event my mind flashed me was when I lost $3,000 in 45 minutes! That hurt like being punched by Mike Tyson in his prime full force in the chest after I insulted him! My sub was telling me: “Hey, work on this one Master because here is where your pain is!” For the remainder of the session I worked on this event and the intensity dropped to 2. I will take this through another round later today for complete dis-creation.


                I have not started with the positive click tracks yet because I am not through taking out my inner trash yet. I had planned on ordering the [font=]”How To Achieve Almost Anything – The Easy Way”[/font] Package, but I am now concerned that Tim's recent [font=]”PSTEC Positive” Secrets[/font] package is truly more focused on what I want to do next: Build an inner propulsion belief system supporting 'all of me' going after my intended outcomes in a focused and purposeful manner with a resolve to 'get er done' no matter how many challenges that crosses my path along the way.

                Gentlemen, what say you regarding this please? Is his a 'six of one or half dozen of the other' decision, meaning I can get the same thing basically from either of the choices?

                Thanks much.


                Peter Bunyan
                PSTEC User

                  The “How to Achieve” is a tutorial which lays out a 7 step plan to do what it says. It recommends getting and using the Accelerators and Positive from Level 1 in order to speed up the process. “Positive Secrets” is a tutorial which explains how to get the best out of the “Positive” Therapy tracks included in Level 1. Also included in Level 1 is an instructions for “Positive” but the “Secrets” tutorial goes further.
                  They are ideally a “both” rather than an “either or”.

                  PSTEC User

                    Okay. On a gut check, I think I will go with  “Positive Secrets” first. It should keep me busy for a while and after I feel I have gotten as much as I can, need and want from it, I will order “How to Achieve” for the gems inside of it.
                    I expect I will have good things to report over the next 90 days.
                    You have been a big help Peter. Greatly appreciated.  :D
                    Kind Regards,

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