Reply To: How to Achieve Almost Anything – The Easy Way as a starting point?


    Ha! Ha! Yeah, I know what you mean!  :D
    But his classes (three or four yearly, not counting private consultations) nearly fills to capacity (maybe 10 -16 students per class) most times I believe. His latest class, based on using his process to build a highly successful business of any type is…..$9,700! I kid you not. The training is over a four to six month online private class period.
    One person I know who is licensed to train with his process is only one of perhaps two persons allowed on the planet to do so. Years later she is very happy and makes a bunch of money holding online coachings and private phone consultations. Now I will tell you what she paid to get trained and licensed. $25,000! I kid you not.
    The model creator is apparently a very smart guy. He successfully completed a double major degree from MIT! In my book, this makes him a freakin genius.