Reply To: How to Achieve Almost Anything – The Easy Way as a starting point?


    Jeff and Peter,
    This is a long one, but not any repeating. Hopefully you will agree that is worth reading for many members.Since my last entry, I have cleared a bunch of stuff.. This technology is amazing.

    However, the one I cleared lying in bed this morning at 4:30 am with my trusty MP3 player (okay as well as my cat who thinks I am his daddy) at my side was the most enlightening PSTEC experience yet.

    I ran one of the free PSTEC module click tracks on my experience of failing to build a successful business after winning a considerable amount of money from my employer's workers compensation insurer to use as seed money. In this, I learned a lesson the very hard way that unless your emotional and subconscious agreement sabotager's are FIRST dealt with (as in successfully dis-creating them), your chances of success are overwhelmingly dismal no matter how many outward resources you have.

    I did not blow the money on anything involving girls named after drinks and g-strings by the way. I had no other source of income so most of it went to my living minor expenses and the rest to my failed. business venture attempts.

    I did take my girl to Las Vegas as my way of saying thanks for sticking by me through a very tough two years while I was fighting my legal battle. One of the best things I did with my award.

    With the click track, I decided to address my feelings of failure and disappointment in myself (it is possible to have more than one emotion hit you at the same time regarding a situation so I addressed 'failure and disappointment' as one joint feeling with the click track session) in not getting a sustainable business going with tens of thousands of dollars available to me.

    I assigned an 8 to the intensity of the feeling. This occurred in 2008 – 2009 and I had done other modalities to address this prior with limited results in that in time much of the intensity returned. But it certainly was a 10 feeling for a long time. After the first round, it was down to 6. I was disappointed at so little movement, but took heart that multiple rounds usually does the trick. During the first half of the second round, there was almost zero movement and I was getting concerned that PSTEC had come up against an immovable issue! Oh me of little faith.

    A minute of so later, out of nowhere, an image of me in front of my notebook PC flashed in front of me with my eyes closed. I immediately knew what it represented. At one point during my search for a successful venture, I went into penny stock speculation. At first things went fairly well and on my best trade, I made $4,000 in about three hours. However, the advice I started to get from a so called small cap (penny stocks) 'guru' started to go horribly wrong. The event my mind flashed me was when I lost $3,000 in 45 minutes! That hurt like being punched by Mike Tyson in his prime full force in the chest after I insulted him! My sub was telling me: “Hey, work on this one Master because here is where your pain is!” For the remainder of the session I worked on this event and the intensity dropped to 2. I will take this through another round later today for complete dis-creation.


    I have not started with the positive click tracks yet because I am not through taking out my inner trash yet. I had planned on ordering the [font=]”How To Achieve Almost Anything – The Easy Way”[/font] Package, but I am now concerned that Tim's recent [font=]”PSTEC Positive” Secrets[/font] package is truly more focused on what I want to do next: Build an inner propulsion belief system supporting 'all of me' going after my intended outcomes in a focused and purposeful manner with a resolve to 'get er done' no matter how many challenges that crosses my path along the way.

    Gentlemen, what say you regarding this please? Is his a 'six of one or half dozen of the other' decision, meaning I can get the same thing basically from either of the choices?

    Thanks much.