Reply To: I am unable to attract healthy relationships

Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator


    When it comes to relationships, we learn those types of skills early on… so if our experiences and our observations and what we are told move in a dis-empowering direction, then we continue the pattern.

    Take the past relationships you have had and focus on the unpleasant aspects of each one… jot them down as memories, including going back to your early years.

    For example, from your post…

    • “he decided to go to USA for further studies”… how do you feel about him leaving you? Use the CT on that memory of being left and try really hard to feel the feeling about it.

      As you feel those feelings… what does that remind you of?  When had you felt that way prior to that?  Let your mind reveal any other information: memories, emotions, images, feelings, etc.  Jot them down and emotional aspects can be CT'd.

      You also mentioned some subsequent memories… look at using the CT on these, but
      start with the beginning or earlier ones… also the more intense ones.

    • “the relationship went sour within the first 1 month”
    • The relationship you are currently in can be a little bit tougher, but, it might be helpful to CT memories with this fellow as well.
    • [/list]But, again, begin with the earlier memories because they are more likely to be at cause or the source of your Mind Model that chooses these types of relationships.

      Look to lower the emotions about past relationships and then, once at least lowered, then beginning to imagine something wonderful, ideal, etc. will be much easier and crafting PSTEC Positive Statements will also be more effective.

      Aloha ia O'Koa Pa'ulo
      (When we meet in Love* … We Shall Be Whole!)


      PS The “Love” referenced above is not human love, but Unconditional Love.