Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Hi Greenie,

    The free Basic Click Tracks are almost always the best place to start… to neutralize the unpleasant emotions.  When those are neutralized or significantly lowered, then clarity will come to you a bit easier.

    If the thoughts began after this nightmare… whether awake or asleep … that might be a great place to start.

    When you run the CT's, remember, if you can focus on two things (in addition to tapping along with the clicks and tones), then you will make the CT session much smoother.  Those two things are 1. a memory or imagined event … and … 2. An emotion or feeling.

    So, take the dream as your memory/imagined event and focus on that during the CT audio and at the same time, try as hard as you can to feel the emotion that comes with it… you mentioned anxiety.

    Be sure to rate it 0-10 first… run the CT once and see how the emotion feels.

    Other memories may come up… write them down … and you may have to CT those as well.

    As far as “thoughts” you are having, you did not elaborate, so I will not address those specifically.  They may dissipate with the CT of the dream or they may have to be addressed separately with PSTEC Positive … or … all of this is something deeper and from earlier in your life and will have to be addressed with the appropriate PSTEC tools.

    One caution… if those “thoughts” are of the nature like: “I am _________”; do not address those types of thoughts with the Click Tracks.  Those are most likely beliefs and PSTEC Positive is the appropriate tool for beliefs and behaviors.  In fact, NEVER try to clear beliefs or behaviors with the Click Tracks … only emotions.  And, DO NOT focus on “statements” like “I am __________” while using the CT's.

    So, begin with the CT of the dream and the emotion(s) that come with it and see what happens with those emotions and what else comes up.