Jeff Harding
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    You're always welcome.

    Whether you work on something, of course, is up to you.

    Here are a couple thoughts and suggestions…

    • Keep in mind that quite often, when we approach something that is very pivotal in terms of our Mind Model and we approach it with the intention to shift perceptions or make changes, the subconscious does various “tactics” to prevent change.  Some of those tactics are forgetfulness, raising fear or anxiety or other emotions we don't want to approach, it can also keep us occupied with other thoughts and actions to avoid getting to the issue.  So, keep in mind that the apprehension may be avoidance or resistance at some level.

      With that said… you can do a couple approaches to “loosen” things up…

      • First of all, if the apprehension is not too high,just use your Conscious Will to forge ahead and run the CT anyway.  Just “step over the line” so to speak and give it a CT run and see what happens.
      • Try this one … imagine running the CT on this issue.  Don't actually focus on the issue, but imagine that you are sitting there running the CT on the issue.  While you run the CT on the imagined, future event of running the CT, try real hard to feel the apprehension until that apprehension is either 0-1 or is low enough where you feel comfortable to run the CT on the actual issue.

        So, it's akin to doing a little “pre-CT” work on the issue.

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