Reply To: completely new to pstec

Meghan Saunders

    Hello Matt and Welcome!


    What you describe is you working on one relationship issue and then your mind is making connections to other times that are similar in feelings & emotions.  What happened recently is actually related to the past and that past experience you recently connected with is most likely connected to several more like these. 

    This is actually one of the wonderful qualities of PSTEC – – because it allows us to remove layers of experiences as they come up and we become aware of them.  Ideally we can clear it all the way back and be free.

    What you can do when something like this happens is – just write it down in a place where you can come back to it and revisit it with the click tracks (or if you are ready  – – – click on the new memory).

    It sounds like PSTEC is working properly for you!  Good luck having more fun with it.