Reply To: New Aspects in Problematic Relationship

Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Aloha Dixie… I am assuming a bit that when you say, “I just want to be neutral & unaffected” … that there are non-JEEP emotions coming up when you get together (or even think about?) this person.

    The tool of choice for emotions is ALWAYS the free Click Tracks, the EEF's or the Accelerator Tapping Track.

    If the emotions are there, then, no, you have not addressed the emotional issue correctly.

    Your upset with the person is not what they are doing or being, but how your mind interprets what the person is doing or being.

    Remember, the source of these emotions that cause a reaction when you get together with this person may have nothing logically to do with this person.  It's may be that this current person just triggers the responses that are held in the Mind Model and were formed previously… actually, it's most likely something along those lines.