Reply To: New Aspects in Problematic Relationship

Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Hi Dixie… ok, let me give you some “to do's”…  :)

    • Use the Accelerator Tapping Track initially with this.
    • Imagine the most intense “confrontation with this person” and then try hard to feel the feeling of anxiety or fear, whatever is the most intense feeling you have around that person.
    • As the intensity goes down with the person, pay extra special attention to other memories or even people that come to mind that also invoke that feeling.
    • [/list]You see?  You are looking for the cause of that feeling with this person which might involve the person or might not.  This person may just trigger the feeling that was established in your Mind Model a long time ago as being an appropriate response.
      For example, I was working with a lady that was nervous any time they sat in front of a male to do business… “sweat like a pig” as she put it.  Along with the nervousness came her inability to invoke her highest and greatest resources.  Why?  Because she was focusing on the error in thinking that she needed to be “on guard” because it was painful or dangerous.  So, her attention was not on her highest resources.
      Did we Click Track on her most recent issue with the male she was dealing with?  In this case, no, because it was not necessary.  What we ended up working on was her memory from high school where a boy she wanted to date said to her, “I only want to be friends.”  Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh, that hurt her and her mind, at that moment, decided that males would reject her.
      Cleared that and her subsequent meetings with males went smoothly, effectively and were outright fun.
      Make sense?
      Let your sub present what is the cause of this issue.  As I said, it could be something with this particular person and it might not be… don't judge or decide yourself … let your sub reveal it and the use of the Accelerator will help to encourage the sub to “give up the goods” or reveal the cause (or causes) of the issue.