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Sally Baker

    Hello, firstly to answer your question the reversed sentences are simply the audio recordings played in reverse.

    Now, let me explain the context. Magic Sentences is an amazingly powerful protocol created by Tim Phizackerley. It is a unique and effective way of giving you as much new and important subconscious programming as possible. The process of concentration, commiting the statements to memory and trying your very best is key to helping you change in ways you want to change.

    The aim is simply for you to do your best and attempt to get as many of the reversed sentences correct as possible. The harder you focus, the more change you will get. When listening to the statements try and observe the sound as you listen.

    As you hear the reversed sentence try to say the statements back to yourself in your mind so you can match it with the correct statement. If you are not sure which one is reversed then it might help you to decide which one seems the most powerful and important.

    Play with this process. Have fun with it. Give it your best try. Each time you listen you will accelerate the positive changes you are going to notice. If you are giving it your best then you are doing it right! Sally