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    Bhabani Yetirajam
    PSTEC User

      I got this package on thursday and listened to the audios last night. However, I don't understand the reverse sentences at all, even in the example audio. Is the reverse sentence is said phonetically in reverse order because it doesn't sound like just the words in different order. For example, the sentence in the example audio was:

      “I am telling you the truth.”

      The reverse, if it was the word order should have been:
      “truth the you telling am I”

      But it doesn't sound like that. And if it is the phonetic order then however many times I listen to it I don't seem to get it. Can anyone explain to me how the reverse of the above mentioned sentence should sound like so that I might be able to understand it when I listen to it again. Without that I went through the full audio but couldn't make anything out of any of the reverse sentences. They just sound gibberish to me.


      Sally Baker
      PSTEC User

        Hello, firstly to answer your question the reversed sentences are simply the audio recordings played in reverse.

        Now, let me explain the context. Magic Sentences is an amazingly powerful protocol created by Tim Phizackerley. It is a unique and effective way of giving you as much new and important subconscious programming as possible. The process of concentration, commiting the statements to memory and trying your very best is key to helping you change in ways you want to change.

        The aim is simply for you to do your best and attempt to get as many of the reversed sentences correct as possible. The harder you focus, the more change you will get. When listening to the statements try and observe the sound as you listen.

        As you hear the reversed sentence try to say the statements back to yourself in your mind so you can match it with the correct statement. If you are not sure which one is reversed then it might help you to decide which one seems the most powerful and important.

        Play with this process. Have fun with it. Give it your best try. Each time you listen you will accelerate the positive changes you are going to notice. If you are giving it your best then you are doing it right! Sally

        Oscar van Gastel
        PSTEC User

          I have the same problem, until now I do not get one single magic sentence in reverse! Should I write down the 4 sentences spoken before the reversed sentence or not? Should I be more patient?
          Should I repeat and repeat and repeat just one block of sentences until I think I have at least an idea what the magic sentence is about or just go to the next one? I am a little bit frustated, is this OK?
          Will this system clear my extreme fear/fobia for the DENTIST, or should I ask Tim to make a special hypnotic track?
          Los of questions, sorry!!

          :)  OSCAR

          Sally Baker
          PSTEC User

            Hello Oscar,
            I want to remind you of the core premise of working/playing with PSTEC. To accomplish any change work, or any process designed to shift your perceptions is not in itself intellectual work.

            So, breathe now and relax. Everything you are doing is one 100 percent perfect! You are listening and focussing and really trying hard to commit the groups of four statements to memory so that you can match correctly each time with the statement that you hear in reverse.

            There is no need to do anything else for Magic Sentences to work well for you and provide you with as much sub-conscious programming as possible to release your fear/phobia of dentists.

            I acknowledge your drive to do your best with this process. Magic Sentences facilitates shifts at an unconscious level and that part of our mind, as I am sure you are aware, is not logical. So my heart-felt advice to you Oscar is to suspend your intellect and critical thinking and follow the instructions to the letter  :)

            • So that is to commit yourself to try your best.
            • Focus and listen and attempt to match each reverse sentence to the best of your ability.
            • Remember if you can't find a match then choose the statement that seems the most important to you.
            • [/list]
              And then simply allow your sub-conscious to make the changes it needs to make.

              You mention that your dentist phobia/fear is very strong and I'm interested to know how you got on with the free PSTEC Click tracks or the EEFs as they too work brilliantly to reduce and resolve fears and phobias. I'm curious to know whether you have tried them or not.

              I am going to write a Magic Sentence for Phobias at some point but I believe everything you need you already have in your desire and willingness to do your best with this process.

              I look forward to hearing how you get on.

              Breathe and 'play' the recording again. Kind regards Sally

            Oscar van Gastel
            PSTEC User

              Hello Sally,
              thank you very much for your fast answer!
              You got right to the point, being a scientist in Toxicology I am always trying to analyse things!
              About my fear for dentists, I tried EFT, bought Level 1, Peak Performance, common cold hypnosis, Positive empowered and your anxiety product.
              I am still not able to go to the dentist, just see a dentist on TV is too much.
              I suppose it needs more time, I have got more complexes I have to get rid of!
              I DID get rid of my colds I used to have!!
              Friendly greetings,


              Sally Baker
              PSTEC User

                Hi Oscar, well no one can say you haven't tried!

                With everything you've done I'm wandering if this is just too all consuming or multi-faceted an issue for you to be tackling on your own. EFT alone works brilliantly with phobias and in many, many cases should be able to resolve and release your dentist phobia let alone the amazing PSTEC Level 1 and Peak Performance – all of which are powerful and effective.

                Back to your well developed front brain now. Your natural desire to analyse and decode with your conscious critical thinking mind might actually be getting in the way of allowing your subconscious mind to shift.

                There was also a belief in there too when you wrote 'I suppose it needs more time'. That's always a heads up to a therapist that stuff is going on. I think you might need to consider finding a therapist now to work with on your other mentioned complexes and your phobia of the dentist. I'm pretty sure it's not about finding more tools and techniques but perhaps it's about working with someone you can trust to hold a safe space while you resolve these issues.

                It is certainly all achievable and ultimately as effortless as the colds you have successfully got rid off. I just think you'd benefit now from some professional support to explore issues around resistance and letting go. Consider checking out the members listing to find someone near you. Good luck with it all. Kind regards Sally

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