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Sally Baker

    Hi Oscar, well no one can say you haven't tried!

    With everything you've done I'm wandering if this is just too all consuming or multi-faceted an issue for you to be tackling on your own. EFT alone works brilliantly with phobias and in many, many cases should be able to resolve and release your dentist phobia let alone the amazing PSTEC Level 1 and Peak Performance – all of which are powerful and effective.

    Back to your well developed front brain now. Your natural desire to analyse and decode with your conscious critical thinking mind might actually be getting in the way of allowing your subconscious mind to shift.

    There was also a belief in there too when you wrote 'I suppose it needs more time'. That's always a heads up to a therapist that stuff is going on. I think you might need to consider finding a therapist now to work with on your other mentioned complexes and your phobia of the dentist. I'm pretty sure it's not about finding more tools and techniques but perhaps it's about working with someone you can trust to hold a safe space while you resolve these issues.

    It is certainly all achievable and ultimately as effortless as the colds you have successfully got rid off. I just think you'd benefit now from some professional support to explore issues around resistance and letting go. Consider checking out the members listing to find someone near you. Good luck with it all. Kind regards Sally