Reply To: My mom says im weak


    Also, I just get general thoughts of loser-dom in my head.. I don't have a career yet, I've been at the same job for 12 years (since I was 16!) and I feel like I'm not worthy to have a girlfriend.  This creates a lot of social anxiety for me, whenever I do go out (not very often these days).  I just feel like I'm stuck in a vicious $h!t cycle, and it hurts.  My mom says I'm weak and I'm gonna get stomped on if I don't man up.. she's right, but damn, I just don't know where to start sometimes.  I have a strong feeling about PSTEC, but at the same time, I feel that others have accomplished the career goals I so desire (I want to be a professional musician, and make money doing it), without anything like self help.. so I feel I may just be copping out.. afraid of success and failure at the same time.  A chain reaction of negative trash in my head, a vicious cycle of bs.  I hate myself for being stuck!  I know I should love myself, and the fact I don't sometimes, makes me feel like crap, too.  I just feel like a little lost kid sometimes, and I try to talk to my mom about and she basically makes me feel worse.  Like I'm weak for feeling that way.. maybe she's right. 

    Don't get me wrong.. I don't live in her basement or anything like that.  I've had plenty of girlfriends, but theyve all come to me.. I never hit on them first.  I'm just a big pussy sometimes.  I have some sexual anxiety as well, which I know is a huge factor in me not brig able to talk to girls first.

    These are the things I clicked on initially, and it seemed to bring a lot of relief at first.. then, I went out tonight, and got depressed again after a while.  Should one not drink while doing PSTEC?  It seemed to happen after I had a few beers in me. 

    Anyway, with the initial results I got with the click tracks, I feel this ma just be the thing to bring me out of my funk anywho, and allow me to get rid of the garbage.

    I have the free tracks, as well as the level 1, peak performance, positive secrets, accelerator, and how to achieve anything the easy way. 

    So as you can tell, I believe in PSTEC, but just need some ideas as to where to start and what to go to so I can get the best results possible, the right way.  Hating yourself sucks

    Thanks again so much!