My mom says im weak

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      I feel like this is a boo hoo, poor me type of post.. but part of me feels the need to say it anyway.  Ive been using PSTEC for about a week now with some pretty great results.  Now, I'm starting to experience extreme ups and downs.  The ups, however, are more up than they were before starting my PSTEC use. 

      Anywho, I've clicked on a few different topics that I feel have held me back career wise and socially.. bullying, bad relationships, bad decisions, negative self talk.  The first few times I clicked, I felt an amazing relief of release of energy, thru my solar plexus mostly.  It felt phenomenal.  Now, it seems I'm looking for the same release every time I click, kind of like a drug.  Is this bad?  Should I not be looking for a release and just concentrate on feeling the emotion while clicking?

      I don't want to hinder progress in any way, shape or form, so I'm just wondering, if you think I might be trying to do to much at one time..

      Thanks in advance for any assistance!

      PSTEC User

        Also, I just get general thoughts of loser-dom in my head.. I don't have a career yet, I've been at the same job for 12 years (since I was 16!) and I feel like I'm not worthy to have a girlfriend.  This creates a lot of social anxiety for me, whenever I do go out (not very often these days).  I just feel like I'm stuck in a vicious $h!t cycle, and it hurts.  My mom says I'm weak and I'm gonna get stomped on if I don't man up.. she's right, but damn, I just don't know where to start sometimes.  I have a strong feeling about PSTEC, but at the same time, I feel that others have accomplished the career goals I so desire (I want to be a professional musician, and make money doing it), without anything like self help.. so I feel I may just be copping out.. afraid of success and failure at the same time.  A chain reaction of negative trash in my head, a vicious cycle of bs.  I hate myself for being stuck!  I know I should love myself, and the fact I don't sometimes, makes me feel like crap, too.  I just feel like a little lost kid sometimes, and I try to talk to my mom about and she basically makes me feel worse.  Like I'm weak for feeling that way.. maybe she's right. 

        Don't get me wrong.. I don't live in her basement or anything like that.  I've had plenty of girlfriends, but theyve all come to me.. I never hit on them first.  I'm just a big pussy sometimes.  I have some sexual anxiety as well, which I know is a huge factor in me not brig able to talk to girls first.

        These are the things I clicked on initially, and it seemed to bring a lot of relief at first.. then, I went out tonight, and got depressed again after a while.  Should one not drink while doing PSTEC?  It seemed to happen after I had a few beers in me. 

        Anyway, with the initial results I got with the click tracks, I feel this ma just be the thing to bring me out of my funk anywho, and allow me to get rid of the garbage.

        I have the free tracks, as well as the level 1, peak performance, positive secrets, accelerator, and how to achieve anything the easy way. 

        So as you can tell, I believe in PSTEC, but just need some ideas as to where to start and what to go to so I can get the best results possible, the right way.  Hating yourself sucks

        Thanks again so much!

        Peter Bunyan
        PSTEC User

          Hi Colin

          Is this bad?  Should I not be looking for a release and just concentrate on feeling the emotion while clicking?

          Click on negative emotions. This is what the Basic CTs are designed to remove.
          The starting point is always these Free Basic Click Tracks, their use underpins all the other products.
          You have an idea of where to go

          I want to be a professional musician, and make money doing it

          Focus on this and Click away any feelings that get in the way of achieving this goal. The “How to Achieve” tutorial lays out the process to get you there.
          If listening to negative talk from your Mom makes you feel worse, then listen if you have to, but do not hear it. If ignoring your Mom's adice makes you feel bad then this is something else to Click on.
          You are not weak, you have strength, you perhaps need some help realizing just how strong you are. You might think of using the PSTEC tools the same way you might use weights in a gym, to build up the Mind Muscles.

          Hating yourself sucks

          Self Hate = negative stuff to Click on.
          Keep us posted with your progress.

          PSTEC User

            Thanks Peter.  This is stuff I maybe just need to hear from a live person in direct response to me.  Will heed!  Thanks again.

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