Reply To: My mom says im weak

Peter Bunyan

    Hi Colin

    Is this bad?  Should I not be looking for a release and just concentrate on feeling the emotion while clicking?

    Click on negative emotions. This is what the Basic CTs are designed to remove.
    The starting point is always these Free Basic Click Tracks, their use underpins all the other products.
    You have an idea of where to go

    I want to be a professional musician, and make money doing it

    Focus on this and Click away any feelings that get in the way of achieving this goal. The “How to Achieve” tutorial lays out the process to get you there.
    If listening to negative talk from your Mom makes you feel worse, then listen if you have to, but do not hear it. If ignoring your Mom's adice makes you feel bad then this is something else to Click on.
    You are not weak, you have strength, you perhaps need some help realizing just how strong you are. You might think of using the PSTEC tools the same way you might use weights in a gym, to build up the Mind Muscles.

    Hating yourself sucks

    Self Hate = negative stuff to Click on.
    Keep us posted with your progress.