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Jeff Harding
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    Aloha Kay!

    Can you change ANY emotion or belief with the PSTEC Tools?  Let's look at that…

    There can be various factors that hold a belief in place.  As you said, experiences can hold those in place, but also beliefs are formed as a result of what we are told.

    So, focus on experiences or memories and also what you have been told by parents, teachers, doctors, coaches and other figures of authority when it comes to the particular subject you are looking to shift.

    Remember, as you consider this, be sure to blow a K.I.S.S. periodically so as to keep it simple sweethearts;D  In other words, don't get too intellectual or analytical, ok? Promise me that and then we will move along here.  ;)

    The strength of a belief will be based upon the severity of the experience (read: intensity of emotion) and the perceived level of authority of the person or people that express those beliefs to you (or some variation of them).  Add to that OTHER beliefs that help support it along with repetition to the mix, then that belief can become more and more entrenched as a pattern in your life.

    Now, you touched on something also very important here, “… this is something ive held on to for years… “.  An aspect of your approach can be helpful when you address the issue of “why” are you are hanging onto this belief.  What's the benefit of keeping it … what is the disadvantage of letting it go or changing it … what would you lose with it?  If you are aware of why you want to hang onto it, address those reasons through the use of Click Tracks for emotional reasons and PSTEC Positive on OTHER beliefs that help to hold it in place, then changing your targeted belief will be much easier.

    What if the beliefs and emotions are intertwined, like an endless loop… can you still change any belief and emotion?

    Well, if you keep in the mind the above aspects and address them “together” then, yes, you can break into that loop… segment the emotions and CT them … and also segment the belief and any OTHER supporting beliefs using PP.

    As a “basic” guideline, yes, we lower emotions first and then once those are lowered, then we address the belief issues with PP.

    There are several basic scenarios…

    • You first CT anything related to the thought or belief.  Sometimes, that's all that is necessary and the beliefs fall with the emotions… done!
    • You first CT anything related to the thought or belief. But, you still feel there is a belief that “has remained.”  So, once the emotions are 0-1, you craft and use PP from that moment on until you “feel” the belief has changed for you.
    • You CT the emotions, then craft a statement for PP.  Then, when you run PP, more emotions come up.  You CT those and once down to 0-1 again, you use your PP on the statement again.  This may occur several times as the subconscious reveals more and more as you continue your persistence in changing the belief.
    • [/list]Even if you “think” (there's that intellectualism coming out) that the beliefs hold the emotions in rather than the other way around, being with the CT's on emotions and once the emotions lower, then use PP.
      It's not that emotions hold beliefs in place or that beliefs hold emotions in place… neither one is really true.  They merely work together.  It's that emotions keep PP from “landing” nicely in the sub.  When emotions are high, it's very difficult to make new suggestions because of the nature of the power of emotions within the mind.
      Read this several times, if needed, because when you look at it this way … a believe me, it's very reliable … then you realize the answer to your questions are as follows…

      1. Can we change any belief?
      2. Are there any limitations to the possibilities with PSTEC?
      3. [/list]My experience…

      1. Yes.
      2. No.
      3. [/list]Malama Pono