Reply To: Pstec questions

Meghan Saunders

    Hi Kay –

    I see Jeff already hopped on this but I want to confirm that I agree 100%!

    1. Can we change any belief? – – – I too think YES
    2. Are there any limitations to the possibilities with PSTEC?  – – –  There is no limit from my experience – – (aside from our limiting beliefs – ha ha – – – which we know can be corrected with PSTEC)  PSTEC continues to impress me years later.
    3. [/list]
      You are correct – – – it is FULL CIRCLE – – – and you can now roll your circle in a positive direction by using PSTEC.  Watch your positive snowball grow and then steamroll over your old negative merry-go-round!

      My litmus test was to do PSTEC work and then put myself in situations that might trigger emotions or beliefs.  I would then observe myself, take notes and then know what I needed to work on with the Click Tracks both basic and pstec positive.  In a very short time span – it was all just swept away & it is only in thinking back on my experiences in order to relate them that I even recall – “how I used to feel”

      I agree Tim has given us a very valuable & useful gift/tool with his work.  Gratitude!  I am happy to hear that you are experiencing the amazing-ness!  Best to you on your continued success! – – – meghan