Reply To: Pstec questions


    Jeff and Meghan – thanks very much for your answers.

    I am finding as of late the whole PSTEC System has really changed my outlook and beliefs on self help and in general of ones mind ability. You guys have to understand from my first impressions of PSTEC were it being along the lines of “this seems too perfect, this cannot work” to where I am now is a 180 in the opposite direction… maybe that’s the same belief that stop so many other people from even trying the techniques… because in my opinion if you could say to someone who wants to better themselves that there’s a technique out there that can release negative emotions within minutes, many would argue that no such a thing can… and then you explain that the inventor is giving the initial system to you for FREE! The saying “if it’s too good to be true then it probably is” might come to mind. But PSTEC really just blow your socks off. More people need to hear about this therapy.

    Anyway back on to initial topic, your answers for Can PSTEC change any belief? and Are there any limitations to the possibilities with PSTEC? Were pretty much what I expected. And I near on too 100% agree but there’s 1 question my  Mind Model can’t seem to accept, So know please shed some light and see if you can help me get my head around this…

    “If PSTEC can change… “any belief” now I label belief as the same from mental e.g. “I think I get angry too much” to physical “I think it’s a warm day outside”. So let’s say 3 people are in a sitting room and the entrance doors blue, I walk into the room and want to change my belief so that the door seems green to me. Is this even possible? Because this is Belief is it not?

    I know this sounds incredibly silly, but there is an important point at what I'm trying to understand here. Because with that physical example, this seems a concrete belief that no one could ever see the door as a different colour as it goes against everything you have ever been taught, but this was the same LEVEL of belief I held about myself for certain things within my mind. So it is very relevant in that aspect.
    From what I have been taught (this is my personal opinion) there is really no such thing as knowledge it is all belief in a REAL sense. Obviously knowledge about something comes from experience of similar situated events where one pre-judges the outcome right? An example would be if I dropped a pen on my desk, my minds belief is that gravity will make it hit the table but even from that am I correct in thinking… I don’t know the pen will I guess we just THINK we know?

    I hope this makes sense and you two see what I'm talking about and you don’t think I'm a crazy!, because what’s been on my mind lately is just trying to place PSTEC with logic understanding. And I anticipate that one of you may ask my analytical mind to relax and “K.I.S.S” but please take into account this is the way my mind has been since birth, so when any new intervention comes along like this that WORKS I like to try and understand it thoroughly.

    Because I have been successful with PSTEC I guess my mind model now has to re-adjust all sorts and this is what I'm left with….. anyway ill finish, I hope you guys get what I'm really trying to say here

    Many thank YOU’s