Reply To: Pstec questions

Meghan Saunders

    Hi again Kay –

    I don't have an answer for you – – but I'll chime in some things I have observed in my experiences. 

    1. I live where it often rains and is cold.  In the summer we sometimes get a few days in a row of hot sunny days.  I hear people on what I consider crappy days saying OH, I love days like this.  After 2 days of sunshine I hear – – ugh, I can't stand this heat… 2 whole days???  I can be cold when others are comfortable…. so I find even our perception of weather is relative to our personal experiences that have shaped our preferences.
    2. Blue door.  What if 2 of the 3 people were color blind and they experience different ranges of colorblindness – – – then, all 3 people are going to see the door as a different color from each other.  I am fascinated with the concept that we do not really see with our eyes – we see with our brain – – – light comes in – it bounces off the 'mind' and then it is reflected outward as what we see – – – so. . . it is dependent upon what we see and I do believe we actually do see things differently and that it can come down to color subtleties to extreme with colorblindness as an example.
    3. It might be possible to change your belief about a color if you wanted to spend time changing something like that for yourself.  Color is a. . . I don't know – – – a form of communication.  At some point in time 'they' decided that certain colors would be called red, yellow, green as a way to communicate – – – it is an agreement of sorts??? that has been in place for a long time.  It is taught to us from the beginning as a BASIC – listen to people talk to babies about color – – red, apple – – green, grass – – – blue sky.  It is one of the first things repeatedly drilled into the mind – – – associate this color with the word blue – – – that is why the door is considered blue.  Just look around you right now and see how much blue your mind recognizes without thought – it is far advanced because it was drilled in early.  But color varies and is subjective.
    4. I worked in fabrication & as a painter for many years and we had to match color all the time.  Some colors were used over and over for years so you would eventually have to rematch a specific color to a chip of paint that was specially formulated – we did not have ratios like paint stores so we had to eyeball it.  We also had to match other mediums in one color so you had to match plastic, paint, silicone and fabric all in one color – – – the color has no name – – – it is just “Marv's Pants” or “Sally's hair”.  So several people have to do this job and it is very obvious that sometimes the colors do not match – sometimes debate ensues because they clearly do not match (?) – – – so basically you have to convince enough people that your color does match or the color has to be fixed until enough people agree they match.  Does that make sense?
    5. I went to a paint store a few weeks ago and wanted this deep candy apple red from a card they had in the store meaning they had the formula in house and should have just been able to shoot the appropriate amount of pigment into the paint to mix it however when they opened the lid the color was nowhere near the color I wanted.  The paint guy tried to convince me that with the right primer and several coats of this UGLY paint I would get the color I wanted.  I explained that I could use ten coats and it will never dry to be the red of this chip.  His belief was that the paint would dry to the color I wanted – – – my experience + belief said NEVER.  They had to bring the manager in for an opinion.  When he asked how it was made it was disclosed that he had not used the formula provided by the branded paint company I requested – – – he used a formula that was created by a paint mixer at one of their other stores who once tried to make this color for someone at some other point in time before they carried this brand.
    6. [/list]Color is subjective and color is something that is repeatable.  You can create a formula by using pigments and get duplicate results. 

      One last example on color – – – how many times have you been out and purchased something that would go great with  __________________ only to get home and see that it is so far from a match it is comical?

      The door is blue because we were conditioned to associate a name (BLUE) to a color range.  Just like eventually my mind is conditioned to recognize Marv's Pants as a color.

      “I think I get angry too much” – – – I have come to correlate nutritional deficiencies and imbalances to also contribute to moods and 'personality'.  When the body is out of mineral balance a person may get angry too much and think wow that's not 'normal' – – – I am finding using nutritional balancing coupled with pstec to be a great combo.

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