Reply To: Stalling


    Hi Meghan

    Much thanks for the explanation and instructions.  You hit the nail on the head in the first paragraph of your reply.  While reading your I realised I do have a reoccurring thoughts of “I don't feel loved/am not loved”. “I am not worthy”, “I don't deserve to be happy/successful”, I am not good enough”, “I am lazy”, (not true but it came into my head).  The other painful memory is of being lettling down.  This happened again recently and when it did it was wounding as well as hurtful.  Though I don't go expecting to be let down, when it does happen (in the big things), my memory will throw up incidences from the past where this occurred as if to to say 'there I told you it would happen'.  This leave me feeling unhappy, disempowered and zaps my energy to move forward or believe in my making progress.  My attempts to successfully move forwards ae being thawarted.

    As you suggested, I will play the Click Tracks, including the EEf's and Accelerators to clear/collapse the emotions.  Some if not all of the negative self talk/emotions above are the root emotions on which everything else stands.  Will creating new beliefs be accepted by the subconscious easily or will it try to find other negative emotions to cling to?  I'm fed up with being held back….that might be fear.

    Thanks again for giving me some pointers to work with and refer back to.  Much appreciated.