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      Hi Everyone

      I would appreciate some advice and tips. 

      I've been using the Free click tracks regularly, introducing some EEf's and PSTEC Positives.  From the first few plays of the the free clicks tracks I new they worked for me because the events and feelings had no meaning for me whatsoever, which is brilliant.  Now I'm in a place of wonder and amazement at how fast the results have been (or have I got buried emotions), I walk around waiting for something to come along but it it doesn't.  This 'thing' I believe is the negative thoughts/emotions, negative self talk that I got rid of but haven't filled the spot with really good beliefs though I have the packages.  Why am I putting off the results I so desperately desire??

      It's has though I'm waiting for someone to tap me on the shoulder and say 'not you'.  Is this a negative I should work on before going for using the PSTEC Positive tracks, and if so, can someone suggest how to use the tracks to get the results – lock of the negative emotion/resentment/anger/fear for good?

      I don't want to buy all the recordings and not use them.

      Would be great to receive some comments.

      Meghan Saunders
      PSTEC User

        Hello Nightingale

        The first thing that popped into my head is resistance.  When we are doing well and we are making great progress something underneath can put the brakes on so that we will not actually move forward entirely & change for the better but will instead set up a road block to prevent us from progressing (we're FINE, nothing more to work on – – – carry-on) – – – so that we can remain in its known reality. . . I call this comfortable discomfort – – – does that make sense?

        “It's has though I'm waiting for someone to tap me on the shoulder and say 'not you'.  Is this a negative I should work on…”  How do these words make you feel?  Or if you think of this scenario – – – can you notice any feelings???  If yes – – then that is your answer.

        “Why am I putting off the results I so desperately desire??”  (so that we remain in the known comfort zone)

        Please refer to this post and see if you can use it to help you propel yourself forward – I believe you have all the tools you need for this currently.

        Use the free basic click tracks for emotions, feelings, memories or imagined future events that do not feel welcomed and exciting.  The EEf's are also used for this – – – with these two packages you have 4 clearing click tracks that can be used in random order.  I recommend people do 3-4 rounds of these click tracks per issue – – take notes if other negative feelings arise & do more tracks if needed.

        The PSTEC Positive tracks are used to re-work our belief system.  Once you take notice of a belief that is not good for you – – – for example – I'm not good enough or I don't think I can _____________ – first check how the belief FEELS when you think it or say it out loud.  If there is no emotion & it feels neutral then you would start working on statements to change the belief.

        • – What if I am good enough
        • – What if I am inherently good
        • – It might be possible that I could be good enough
        • – I think I actually might be good enough
        • – I know I am good enough and I have always been good enough
        • [/list]This is totally made up on the spot and super basic but I hope it helps you to think about your own way of wording that will work for you.

          You may come up against resistance when doing positives – – that is why I wrote many statements as a little step ladder of progressive statements.  If at anytime a memory or emotion comes up that does not feel good – – – those things (feelings) are the free click tracks and EEf's.

          Best to you – – – meghan

        PSTEC User

          Hi Meghan

          Much thanks for the explanation and instructions.  You hit the nail on the head in the first paragraph of your reply.  While reading your I realised I do have a reoccurring thoughts of “I don't feel loved/am not loved”. “I am not worthy”, “I don't deserve to be happy/successful”, I am not good enough”, “I am lazy”, (not true but it came into my head).  The other painful memory is of being lettling down.  This happened again recently and when it did it was wounding as well as hurtful.  Though I don't go expecting to be let down, when it does happen (in the big things), my memory will throw up incidences from the past where this occurred as if to to say 'there I told you it would happen'.  This leave me feeling unhappy, disempowered and zaps my energy to move forward or believe in my making progress.  My attempts to successfully move forwards ae being thawarted.

          As you suggested, I will play the Click Tracks, including the EEf's and Accelerators to clear/collapse the emotions.  Some if not all of the negative self talk/emotions above are the root emotions on which everything else stands.  Will creating new beliefs be accepted by the subconscious easily or will it try to find other negative emotions to cling to?  I'm fed up with being held back….that might be fear.

          Thanks again for giving me some pointers to work with and refer back to.  Much appreciated.


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