Reply To: Physical discomfort doing the tapping


    Hello Peter,

    What I now suspect the problem was is that that memory was so vague that I was causing my own stress in trying to remember its details. In that story, I actually do not remember the name or the face of the person was I was conversing with or what was actually said. It occurred over 40 years ago. All I remember is that it happened and it's occurrence affected me in a negative way. So at this point I could leave it at the 3 or use EFT to zero it out if I want. I have since used the tracks a few times since then with no problems.

    So let me ask this: During tapping, as I can concentrate less and less on the memory due to the multitasking of tapping and listening, should I just let it fade out of view or try to hold on the the memory as hard as I might try to the end of the session?