Reply To: Physical discomfort doing the tapping

Peter Bunyan

    CTs are are designed to separate the emotions from the memories. The memories stay since they actually happened, it is how you feel about them that changes. You are breaking the association between the two. You do not need to remember every detail of a memory, your sub-conscious does that for you.
    Try to remember a past experience and it's negative emotion and give that experience a name, that is the first few words (or less) that come into your mind, do not try to make them descriptive, any old words that pop into your head. What you have made is a short-cut to the memory, or a symbol which stands for that experience. Now CT just that short-cut name with it's negative feeling and focus on the feeling and not trying to remember the incident.
    This process might help you CT away painful past experiences in a less stressful way.
    Before CTing think… you are not trying to remove part of your past, you are asking your sub-conscious to let go of the negative feelings attached to the memory as they now no longer are helpful and it is more beneficial to release them. This in order to make you a better you.
    This pre-CT thinking will make you less apprehensive, you are gaining benefits not losing anything.