Can you share that PDF with me too? I posted earlier regarding a better way to use PSTEC that will govern daily activities such that the intense emotional reaction on surprising events get sidelined.

    I started using PSTEC from last night and have used it 4 times since then. I felt very energetic and free of worries after that and amazingly feelings stay there for long hours. I did the session one time before heading out (The free clicking on my envy for other people's good financial situation) and i felt relieved. AS I was checking mail downstairs I found an unexpected fine notice from somewhere and that threw me into confused, anxious and tense state (My normal reaction) right away, I was nerveous and shoulders became numb, and bad feelings started all over in my chest and I remained mixed confused and anxious and tried contol this feeling.

    I was out for 2 hours but the notice was there , worrying me, in the back of my mind. I came home and did one more clicking session and that helped a lot. But I wanted to do eleminate my behaviours, as I cannot afford to have them anymore, these kind of behaviours killed all my motivations and planning.

    Also, yesterday I purchased two of Tim's programme, Get anything the easy way' and peak performance' I listened to both of them, but I think I made a wrong choice. Specially the get any thing' leactures were more of lectures and less of practice. Peak Performance was more of Instant Fix kinda thing. I donot see a use of them in my current situation at this point.

    I have made some future planningand have set some goals, but I am procrastinating and unable to programme them deep in the subconsious.
    I need some help in deciding what should i purchase from TIM that will help my situation, I need career success and a mind/spirit free of all negativities and belittle thoughts. These are my short term goals for next 6 months.
    Please let me know if you can help here?