Everytime I feel I dealt with an emotion/negative experience, another comes up.   

    Nightengale, keep in mind that you don't have just one negative experience tied to a particular emotion. Using the tracks, you may reduce or eliminate the bad feeling associated with the most recent incident, but it is one of many similar incidents or you wouldn't be having the emotional reaction. When you feel overwhelmed and hopeless in response to a particular event, try getting hold of similar events as well when you work the tracks.

    For example, let's pretend you feel unattractive and someone today called you a hag. That would dredge up every unkind remark related to your appearance, even if you don't recall the specific remark. Try to recall several similar remarks, get that feeling really roiling, and do the tracks while trying to maintain that miserable feeling. In this way, you are tackling the genre of remarks which lessens the impact of all the remarks, not just the most recent one.

    What I'm saying is instead of trying to claw your way up from the negative feeling, try to dig deeper in, then do the tracks. Wallow in the misery, feed it, cherish it, and click on it while you try to maintain it.