Reply To: How to go about using PSTEC on daily basis

Meghan Saunders

    Hello Sheer –

    Glad your experience has you wanting more good experiences.  I recently got a private email in regards to the weight value on the Free Basic Click Tracks – it is my understanding that they are weighted the same for clearing effects – – –  the difference is the hands movements are different so you have variety and keep it somewhat of a challenge (rather than only listening to 1 track over and over).  The EEFs Enhanced Effectiveness Click Tracks give you 2 more click tracks to use for emotional clearings.

    Correct – – – use the free click tracks & EEfs to get rid of the negative thoughts/anxieties/depression/past issues AND imagined future events that do not feel exciting or positive.

    I must suggest you listen to the How to Achieve Almost Anything  – The Easy Way with PSTEC audio again (or a few times) and take notes because in this audio Tim does give clear, step-by-step instructions in an outline on how to use his PSTEC audio therapy packages to achieve almost anything and he is rather specific about it.

    In order to go about what you describe you will either need the PSTEC Level One audio or you will need the PSTEC Positive Audio (pstec positive comes with Level One) in order to reprogram your beliefs and install positive suggestions to help you obtain your goals. 

    Again, I must encourage you to listen to the Easy Way audio again because Tim gives a very detailed outline on how exactly to use the free click tracks and pstec positive together in a specific format designed to help you obtain almost anything.

    From what I can tell you are missing the pstec positive audio – which is the tool used for programming your goals.