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Sally Baker

    Hello Sahl,
    Ok where to begin.

    I have worked with Cascade Release with a client with chronic eczema. I asked this young man to concentrate his thinking on all the uncomfortable feelings he was aware of around his painful and obvious skin condition such as his awareness that people were staring at him and the shame this caused him. He had years worth of negative feeling about his skin condition that had made him hyper-aware of himself and unable to feel comfortable socially. I encouraged him to keep focussing on those negative feelings and not go off piste, so to speak, while we did the Cascade Release process.

    After Cascade Release he could not longer access any feelings of shame about his skin's obvious signs of distress. A couple of months later I received an email from his mother that his high school had noticed increased levels of confidence and class participation. The young man himself also said he simply felt it was 'ok' to be him which felt like a new feeling  :) 

    I had worked with this young man for eight weekly sessions of 90 minutes per week and the Cascade Release came near the end of our work together. Previously we had worked extensively with EFT, PSTEC and Hypnosis on the many aspects of his eczema and they were myriad – ranging from simply reducing itchy feelings to anger, self-blame, self-loathing to feelings of unfairness and 'why me?' 

    I haven't used Cascade Release with baldness or hair-loss as yet but with any issue it would be advantagious to begin the work with the PSTEC Click Tracks. Again though similar principals would apply. How does having hair loss/thinning hair make you feel about youself? What judgements do you make about yourself and do those judgements feel familiar in any way? What negative or uncomfortable emotions are engendered when you consider your hair-loss and those same emotions then become the focus of the work.

    With financial abundance work a good way in to do the work/play with PSTEC is to explore feelings of undeserving as opposed to just working on the desire to have abundance. The PSTEC processes are brilliant in collapsing the blocks to whatever you desire so it's important to recognise them first.

    Incidentally, I've recently written a Magic Sentence for Abundance which will be released by PSTEC shortly. Tim Phiz invented Magic Sentences and it's another really useful protocol that therapists and self-helpers can use. This one is to help shift self-beliefs from un-deserving to deserving which is a vital step in allowing abundance into your life – so you could consider that too.

    I could go on. I think it's useful to outline how long I might work with a client. Six weeks is around standard with sometimes clients returning on a monthly basis for a few more sessions if their issues have been chronic, or life long. This gives you an idea of the commitment to self you should consider. Many of our issues are layers of an onion, gently unfurling as healing takes place. Stick with it. PSTEC is an amazing set of tools.

    Oh, I nearly forgot – the arm thing! OK I'm sure I read in Tim's guidance notes that a stroke survivor just moved his foot as the dial indicator! So it definately doesn't need to be an extended arm. What you are doing is making a connection/correlation between the physical movement and your sub-conscious to perfectly move all those events into 50 or 75 years into the future. It's your intention that counts as always.

    I hope this was helpful. Kind regards Sally Baker