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Sally Baker

    Hello Sahl, the Magic Sentences come with their own easy to follow instructions so you should fine them very straight forward and there is a Magic Sentence board as part of the forum if you do have any queries.

    My work with the eczema client did break a cycle of behaviour that allowed his skin to settle down and he experienced increased healing to more parts of his body. He had exhausted all the meds the profession could throw at him and he needed  to de-stress and feel calmer in and about himself as well as breaking the itching cycle that kept his skin inflamed. I believe we did achieve that and I think you're right, part of his healing was clearing the negative emotions associated with his condition. The on going challenge in his young life will be to intuitively recognise his stress levels and do the work/play with the modalities as his disposal to clear that stress as it shows up in his life. I'm hopeful that he will.

    Good luck clearing your stuff. Kind regards Sally  8)