Reply To: Positive Track 2

Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    I do PP non-tapping with eyes closed, imagine the journey and then repeat the sentence either out loud or in my mind, depending where I am.  I even imagine my imagined self taking the journey as repeating the sentence.

    Remember, prior to running the PP track (either tapping or non-tapping) it's important to preframe your mind with the sentence several times to get it “moving” and then also to imagine success… imagine it done … what does that feel like being done?  Now, take that feeling… that successful state of mind … into the PP track with you.

    I do write out the statement so that I get it “out of my head” to assess for a moment.  I don't need to look at it during the non-tapping PP track, but I do need to write it down to get it set in my mind.

    Going with someone else on the journey would have to be assessed individually because if there are negative associations with that person, it could impede your progress.  Also, perhaps unnecessary concentration on the person as well.
    I believe this is time spent, in your mind, with your True Self … in the silence so to speak and if you are not comfortable with that, therein lies another issue to transcend.  Make sense?

    “Is going on an actual journey while thinking of the positive statement, as useful as imagining the journey while thinking of the positive statement??”

    Going on an actual journey?
    I'm not sure what you mean by that.
    This is an imagined journey in your mind, not a physical one.