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      Quick question on the second positive track. It says to imagine a journey while repeating the statement. Do you do this with your eyes open or closed? And if open also do you need to write out the statement and put it in front of you as in the first track?


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        Well this is a very old post but no one replied, think I'll use it to generate my question.

        But first as to oz's question, I don't think it matters if our eyes are open or closed for this one.

        Also no we don't write it down because we are doing a mental journey w/ as many details  as possible.

        I hope I”m right about that; I'll leave it to Jeff , etc to confirm.

        My question on PS Pos 2 is…do we have to take the imaginary journey alone, or is it as effective if someone is w/ us in our mind?  Many of the places I enjoy walking, I did w/ my ex, and he is the focus of my use of PSTec.

        (i.e., he broke us up 8 months ago after the best year of my life (I am 52).  My PSTec work involves getting past the breakup, being happy again on my own, and instilling a sense of “I am loved again, by him or someone better”)

        So what happens when a particular person keeps wanting to come along on the mental journal while doing PS Pos 2??  Can we allow them, or do we go it alone?  ;)

        Actually I have another question about it.  Is going on an actual journey while thinking of the positive statement, as useful as imagining the journey while thinking of the positive statement??  To cram it into the subconscious i mean? 

        Thanks in advance!!

        Jeff Harding
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          I do PP non-tapping with eyes closed, imagine the journey and then repeat the sentence either out loud or in my mind, depending where I am.  I even imagine my imagined self taking the journey as repeating the sentence.

          Remember, prior to running the PP track (either tapping or non-tapping) it's important to preframe your mind with the sentence several times to get it “moving” and then also to imagine success… imagine it done … what does that feel like being done?  Now, take that feeling… that successful state of mind … into the PP track with you.

          I do write out the statement so that I get it “out of my head” to assess for a moment.  I don't need to look at it during the non-tapping PP track, but I do need to write it down to get it set in my mind.

          Going with someone else on the journey would have to be assessed individually because if there are negative associations with that person, it could impede your progress.  Also, perhaps unnecessary concentration on the person as well.
          I believe this is time spent, in your mind, with your True Self … in the silence so to speak and if you are not comfortable with that, therein lies another issue to transcend.  Make sense?

          “Is going on an actual journey while thinking of the positive statement, as useful as imagining the journey while thinking of the positive statement??”

          Going on an actual journey?
          I'm not sure what you mean by that.
          This is an imagined journey in your mind, not a physical one.


          Peter Bunyan
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            Requin and oz
            When you have your eyes open you will always be on the alert for danger and hazards.  An imaginary journey is safer therefore you will be able to relax more. I suggest it would also be better in your own home as it is usually where you feel safest. Being safe and relaxed should enable you to imagine and focus more on your journey in more vivid detail.
            You can still do it eyes open but it would I feel reduce it's effectiveness, making it more like a mantra.
            Straight repetition works just more slowly. You can also have your statement on postit notes scattered around your house so you keep on seeing it. From my own personal experiments I get bored, as it requires some persistence.
            If you find your positive not working or taking a long time,  then perhaps your statement is too positive, that is you cannot accept your own statement, no matter how much you want it to happen. They need to be written in a way that you can almost believe it. So create a series of statements starting something like “I can be good at this” then “I will be good at this” to ” I am good at this” and ” I am really good at this”. Go through one at a time, when you believe one then move on to the next up the ladder.
            PSTEC tracks are designed by Tim to be faster and more effective than anything else. There is however a bit of an art to crafting good positive statements. The Positive Secrets tutorial which comes with an audio and a pdf version explains it all.

            Every time you open your eyes you are entering a new fresh world until you recognise things which usually does not take very long at all. So for the clicking track place your written statement where you can see it first.
            Requin if you want him back then have him with you, if you want to get over him then no, you can't have both. As mentioned on another thread they are conflicting goals.

            Peter Bunyan
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              Tim has as far as I know not told anybody about how any of the PSTEC products work. The therapist training is about how the mind works in order to apply the tools better. However Positives are just another way of getting suggestions into your sub. They work best with single short focused statements.
              Any negative emotions (resistance) will make it harder for the positive statements to get any traction, hence dealing with those first.
              In your case positives working on  “getting him back or someone better” is likely to be counter productive as it could be re-enforcing feelings of “lack”. I sense that for you removing any feelings of loneliness or being unloved from your earlier life will enhance your self-esteem, which increases your self-confidence. Confident people are more attractive  people (male or female). Being more attractive makes other people come to you. So beneficial to you which ever way you want to go with relationships or any other area of life.

              Keep on Clicking

              Peter Bunyan
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                Hmmm! “loves and wants me” involves someone else. You can only work on yourself. Both statements are likely to bring up feelings of loss and lack. Only you can say, but look closely inside yourself when you say them, listen to your own self-talk. If following immediately after saying your statement you hear yourself thinking things like “It's a great dream but….”  quite often followed by things like “I don't have enough money/time/etc” then the CTs might be best first. That “but” is a giveaway. Do you hear yourself sighing? The eefs and Accelerators can also help on those broad issues of loss, lack and loneliness. It is not that sadness IMO is not removable with PSTEC but should it? If it is holding you back and overtaking your life then, yes start work. If not then to me then it is a part of life that can help you empathize with and understand others. Everyone has regrets, but do they stop you moving forward?

                Peter Bunyan
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                  Really you are doing great, the fact that you are here asking questions proves it. There are no absolute rights or wrongs with the PSTEC tools, they are a voyage of self discovery. Although there have been cases where PSTEC has worked spectacularly quickly mostly people just keep on clicking, working through their issues, and get there in the end. Your position is a tough one, but there is nothing that cannot be overcome by thinking about it the right way.
                  If I have in any way confused you I am truly sorry and please forgive me.

                  Peter Bunyan
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                    Have a big hug!  :)

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                      I say the first things to attack is anything that lowered your self esteem, self trust, or self confidence.

                      Bullying, put downs, embarrassing moments, etc

                      The very first thing I attacked was every humiliating moment. Bullying, put down from a parent, embarrassing moments with women etc…

                      Then I loaded up positives with self love, forgiveness, and self acceptance affirmatioms

                      Then from there I moved on to times where I didn't stand up for myself this goes with bullying but even little moments when you had run ins with people and felt you should have acted more confidentially.

                      From here I loaded up on self confidence and assertiveness affirmations.

                      Once I built a better foundation more options grew. As I began to feel more “manly” I guess you can say I felt more confident and accepting of myself and the rest came easier.

                      From there you can deal with specific things kind of like sculpting where you want to go now.

                      Now that you accept yourself more and have more self love you can begin to improve your life and take things to the next level like setting goals for a business. Focusing on times where you felt you have failed, felt rejected, etc. You can start clearing out anything in your way of stopping you from being successful. Or maybe you want to up your game with women or take up hobbies or be a better performer in areas of your life. These are all things I am in the process of targeting. It's harder to move forward and plan goals and do the things you want to do when you had so many memories of your self esteem being blown from early childhood memories of bullying or critical parents etc. But since you'll have already cleared a lot of that you'll find you'll move a lot faster in the other areas having already cleared that

                      This is what I did and I feel like a new person sometimes I cant even remember who I used to be or even imagine being that person again. For me I started with the self esteem and then worked toward building my confidence and success with women and dating since that has been a huge issue for a long time. I'm in a relationship now and taking it one step at a time. Before PSTEC I wouldn't even drenched of it.

                      Now my most important and next step is to set goals and get over the fear of failure. Biggest one for me, very difficult with the whole perfectionistic ways. But I am doing it one step at a time. I'm going to do my Tests for police and pass because I now have the confidence to know I can do it. Now it's just all about DOING it.

                      Good luck and have fun with it. Take breaks though and try not to over think it. If you have ocd take it slow and try your best not to overthink. It's one of the issues I'm dealing with and trying to leave the whole PSTEC process at home instead of always thinking of it out in the world lol

                      Peter Bunyan
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                        SeratoBeats – Thanks for joining in with your story.

                        Requin – “Does it matter what order you work through things”

                        Some folks are organised and meticulous and others more… haphazard. IMO it is what suits your way of life, that is more likely to work best. One way of going forward is to CT what bothers you most right now! That is, if you are feeling overwhelmed then that feeling of overwhelm is where you start. Writing lists is good, as with personal growth old forgotten memories can resurface. Write them down as soon as possible, the order you work through them though is down to you. IMO the things that have the strongest feelings first.

                        “Once something is cleared does it stay cleared”

                        Yes but!
                        If you have cleared what is effectively a symptom but left the underlying cause then it seems possible for the problems to re-occur or regenerate. Example maybe you have got past the anger involved in your break-up but you have not yet worked on the emotional starvation of your early life which is the underlying reason for low self-esteem. (Free floating anger is yet another aspect or facet of low self-esteem). Then anger or some other aspect of low-self esteem will possibly come back. Another thing is the circular nature of feelings and beliefs, one driving the other. Where a feeling has been dealt with the words of a belief lose their power, but the memory of those words remains, which might be triggered at some point in the future to regenerate similar feelings as before. Where you have definite beliefs that might be sayings your parents used when you were young and you can still “hear” them saying them in your head. Example, people with money problems might still “hear their parents saying “money doesn't grow on trees”. This is where PSTEC Negative might well work brilliantly.
                        Do not let my above “personal theories” stop or trouble you, you have already experienced the benefits of PSTEC, keep on Clicking. PSTEC works!

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