Reply To: Positive Track 2

Peter Bunyan


    Tim has as far as I know not told anybody about how any of the PSTEC products work. The therapist training is about how the mind works in order to apply the tools better. However Positives are just another way of getting suggestions into your sub. They work best with single short focused statements.
    Any negative emotions (resistance) will make it harder for the positive statements to get any traction, hence dealing with those first.
    In your case positives working on  “getting him back or someone better” is likely to be counter productive as it could be re-enforcing feelings of “lack”. I sense that for you removing any feelings of loneliness or being unloved from your earlier life will enhance your self-esteem, which increases your self-confidence. Confident people are more attractive  people (male or female). Being more attractive makes other people come to you. So beneficial to you which ever way you want to go with relationships or any other area of life.

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