Reply To: Positive Track 2

Peter Bunyan


    Hmmm! “loves and wants me” involves someone else. You can only work on yourself. Both statements are likely to bring up feelings of loss and lack. Only you can say, but look closely inside yourself when you say them, listen to your own self-talk. If following immediately after saying your statement you hear yourself thinking things like “It's a great dream but….”  quite often followed by things like “I don't have enough money/time/etc” then the CTs might be best first. That “but” is a giveaway. Do you hear yourself sighing? The eefs and Accelerators can also help on those broad issues of loss, lack and loneliness. It is not that sadness IMO is not removable with PSTEC but should it? If it is holding you back and overtaking your life then, yes start work. If not then to me then it is a part of life that can help you empathize with and understand others. Everyone has regrets, but do they stop you moving forward?