Reply To: Positive Track 2

Peter Bunyan

    SeratoBeats – Thanks for joining in with your story.

    Requin – “Does it matter what order you work through things”

    Some folks are organised and meticulous and others more… haphazard. IMO it is what suits your way of life, that is more likely to work best. One way of going forward is to CT what bothers you most right now! That is, if you are feeling overwhelmed then that feeling of overwhelm is where you start. Writing lists is good, as with personal growth old forgotten memories can resurface. Write them down as soon as possible, the order you work through them though is down to you. IMO the things that have the strongest feelings first.

    “Once something is cleared does it stay cleared”

    Yes but!
    If you have cleared what is effectively a symptom but left the underlying cause then it seems possible for the problems to re-occur or regenerate. Example maybe you have got past the anger involved in your break-up but you have not yet worked on the emotional starvation of your early life which is the underlying reason for low self-esteem. (Free floating anger is yet another aspect or facet of low self-esteem). Then anger or some other aspect of low-self esteem will possibly come back. Another thing is the circular nature of feelings and beliefs, one driving the other. Where a feeling has been dealt with the words of a belief lose their power, but the memory of those words remains, which might be triggered at some point in the future to regenerate similar feelings as before. Where you have definite beliefs that might be sayings your parents used when you were young and you can still “hear” them saying them in your head. Example, people with money problems might still “hear their parents saying “money doesn't grow on trees”. This is where PSTEC Negative might well work brilliantly.
    Do not let my above “personal theories” stop or trouble you, you have already experienced the benefits of PSTEC, keep on Clicking. PSTEC works!