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Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Aloha Sheer…

    You “can” just use the Click Tracks (CT) with feelings and not hold a memory or imagined event in mind, but … BUT … it takes more effort, usually more repetitions and more physical discomfort before realizing permanent relief.

    You see, the mind pairs things up… in other words, the feelings come about for a reason… or reasons … so when you run the Click Tracks, you will be much more effective when you hold a memory or imagined event in your mind while trying hard to feel the feeling while running the CT.

    Again, yes, you can only try hard to feel the feeling only for relief and that can give you relief… sometimes it's permanent … but, most times, the subconscious mind (sub) will present memories or imagined events that accompany those feelings, in which case, you must run the CT while holding that memory/imagined event and try hard to feel the feeling.

    So, let's get a bit more specific, ok?  It's a little challenging through a forum, but let's give you some clues, ok?

    Get a pen and paper and jot the thoughts as they come about…

    • Emotionally down … what does that mean to you?  What emotion/feeling is that?  You want to zero in a bit because, most likely, you are feeling a generalized, broad emotion.  What would you call the feeling?

      Rate that feeling, 0-10 with “10” being the highest intensity.

      You may feel more than one emotion, so sort that out in your mind and write them down.

    • Now, take each feeling and ask yourself some of these questions for each one:

      When was the last time you felt this way?
      The time before that?
      When was the first time you remember feeling this way?

      As these memories come up, jot them down … your mind should be moving toward memories of specific places and times in your life.

    • Look at your list and see if there are some that are particularly intense in your mind… begin with those.

      Also, look at the earliest ones and consider using some of those first.

    • Take the short list of the most intense ones and earliest ones and run each one… one by one … using the CT.

      Run each one individually until the intensity on each one is down to 0-1.

    • [/list]
      So, you are sorting out the emotions and memories a bit… divide and conquer, so to speak.

      K.I.S.S. (keep it simple sweetheart) and just move through that list one at a time… maybe do one or two memories per day… depending how quickly it goes.  In other words, if a memory goes to 0-1 on one round of the CT, then, if you feel energetic enough, do another one.  But, if a particular memory takes several rounds of the CT to get it down, then, again, see how you feel and if you are a bit “spent”, then take a break until the next day and let your sub process the changes.

      Does that make some sense?

      Malama Pono!