I think, I got excited on distractions, as the rresults are not the same to firs

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      Hi Folks,
      I am disappointed now. It was nothing but some distraction when I tried PSTEC the first time 5 days back and I was so relieved. I order extra tracks from my limited chunk of saved money. Now I am trying with more dedication. Trying hard, trying while relaxing, trying sitting upright, trying in the bed. Trying very hard tapping, trying gentle tabbing, bringing all feelings memory to head but it is not helping at all.

      I am very very disappointed but I cannot believe it worked once. Bt i tried same sequence , tried for 45 minutes in a row last night, but nothing happened.

      I got immuned? or was it just a distraction?  or I got over excited? or it neverworked the first day either, it was some other element may be?

      Jeff Harding
      PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

        Aloha Sheer…

        Keep these in mind when working with the PSTEC Tools:

        • This is not intellectual work“If you are thinking, you are wrong.”  Remember, your current Mind Model is one that is creating  life experiences that are not pleasant (I am assuming here because you desire to change your experiences, yeah?).  So, analyzing, intellectualizing, thinking about what works and does not work… in short … that will not work.

          I have seen many people's subconscious rear up with thoughts similar to
          what you are expressing, “This does not work… won't last… just a distraction… I'm immune… I memorized the Click Track… too much work… will take forever… etc.”

        • This does not work with will power … you cannot force this for many reasons; one of the reasons is that the subconscious (sub) does not respond to force and, in reality, even if you have a little success in forcing yourself, the sub will rear up at the most inopportune time and show you how powerful it truly is.  So, approach this “work” with ease.  Remember…

          Self Awareness with Self Kindness is Self Abuse.

          Be kind and at ease with yourself.

          The proper… meaning healing way … of using your conscious will is to continue, calmly, with confidence, kindness and unconditional Love for yourself as you clear… let go … neutralize the emotional attachments to the past.

          Act, as if, you are the older one … training your little one (sub) … in the ways of living with J.E.E.P.  Just keep moving in the direction of J.E.E.P. by being patient, loving, but focused.

        • Do not approach this with desperation … desperation can bring with it many other thoughts, beliefs and emotions that do not nullify the effectiveness of the Click Tracks, but they do get in our way of the proper focus and expectation of success that is so very helpful to us.
        • [/list]So, when you are working with the Click Tracks and you are not getting results,
          the  issue is that there is some aspect of the process that you are performing incompletely or incorrectly.

          Let's get to work on this, ok? (work=play?)  :)

          In order to be of help here, what specifically are you doing when you run the Click Tracks?  Give me an example of what you are working on…

          Malama Pono!



          Jeff, thanks for the reply.

          Here is what i am using the PSTEC for:

          I am stuck in the career growth (Promotion) for a long time now. Thats quite frustrating as the things happening around are beyond control (Managment changes, reorgs right at the time when some thing is planned for me) So the situation saps out all energy from me. I feel depressed and without any motivation. Then I am totally down, crying within like a baby), donot feel confidence to move on to another Job, dont feel technically competent, don't feel in possession of any valuable skills.
          I cannot focus and under constant anxiety. Other issues like financial situation which is not that good hounds me, more over, issues with loved ones (Ailing mother who is not living with me) starts killing me. I become socially bittered and do not want to meet people as I feel everyone is progressing in life. Jelousy takes deep root and I am all in downward spiral ride.

          This is what I am going through in loops for many years now (At least 5-6 years)
          Kids are growing and I am growing  old too in this mental state which is not healthy by any measure.

          what should I do?


          Jeff Harding
          PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

            Aloha Sheer and mahalo for some of the details…

            You mentioned that you had used the Click Tracks on something that …
            [color=rgb(42, 56, 71)]I am very very disappointed but I cannot believe it worked once. Bt i tried same sequence , tried for 45 minutes in a row last night, but nothing happened.”[/color]

            Please give me some details of what you were focusing on when you used the Click Tracks in that instance. Let's find out how you are using them before moving onto other suggestions.

            Malama Pono!



              It was a few days back, I was emotionally down, just like these days, for many mixed reasons. I went to my bed, i did not imagine anything, just felt the feelings and started tapping finger very hard on some hard surfaces, one round and the feelings were replaced with some good feelings. I was under same bad feelings, same intensity, and i was doing the PSTEC the gentle way and it did not work, so I repeated it hard as I did the first day, nothing happened and I am still same bad.


              Jeff Harding
              PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

                Aloha Sheer…

                You “can” just use the Click Tracks (CT) with feelings and not hold a memory or imagined event in mind, but … BUT … it takes more effort, usually more repetitions and more physical discomfort before realizing permanent relief.

                You see, the mind pairs things up… in other words, the feelings come about for a reason… or reasons … so when you run the Click Tracks, you will be much more effective when you hold a memory or imagined event in your mind while trying hard to feel the feeling while running the CT.

                Again, yes, you can only try hard to feel the feeling only for relief and that can give you relief… sometimes it's permanent … but, most times, the subconscious mind (sub) will present memories or imagined events that accompany those feelings, in which case, you must run the CT while holding that memory/imagined event and try hard to feel the feeling.

                So, let's get a bit more specific, ok?  It's a little challenging through a forum, but let's give you some clues, ok?

                Get a pen and paper and jot the thoughts as they come about…

                • Emotionally down … what does that mean to you?  What emotion/feeling is that?  You want to zero in a bit because, most likely, you are feeling a generalized, broad emotion.  What would you call the feeling?

                  Rate that feeling, 0-10 with “10” being the highest intensity.

                  You may feel more than one emotion, so sort that out in your mind and write them down.

                • Now, take each feeling and ask yourself some of these questions for each one:

                  When was the last time you felt this way?
                  The time before that?
                  When was the first time you remember feeling this way?

                  As these memories come up, jot them down … your mind should be moving toward memories of specific places and times in your life.

                • Look at your list and see if there are some that are particularly intense in your mind… begin with those.

                  Also, look at the earliest ones and consider using some of those first.

                • Take the short list of the most intense ones and earliest ones and run each one… one by one … using the CT.

                  Run each one individually until the intensity on each one is down to 0-1.

                • [/list]
                  So, you are sorting out the emotions and memories a bit… divide and conquer, so to speak.

                  K.I.S.S. (keep it simple sweetheart) and just move through that list one at a time… maybe do one or two memories per day… depending how quickly it goes.  In other words, if a memory goes to 0-1 on one round of the CT, then, if you feel energetic enough, do another one.  But, if a particular memory takes several rounds of the CT to get it down, then, again, see how you feel and if you are a bit “spent”, then take a break until the next day and let your sub process the changes.

                  Does that make some sense?

                  Malama Pono!



                  Hi Jeff,
                  This is what I did,

                  I jot down my feelings,
                  1. anxious at work, thoughts of work piling up, thoughts of low salary, promotion, unworthiness, inability to learn new stuff as they seems too complex, fear of getting challaenges, thoughts about why i am stuck, thoughts about I cannot get changed” all together come and show up randomly.

                  I took the first one, traced it back to some past situation, thought of the events/pictures, series of pictures and clicked/tapped. I Lost the intensity of feeling, and appearently they disappeared. Then I clcked on anxious ness becasue I think I am mentally saturated to learn new things, I traced it in past and clicked that the same way. Did those tapping several time 2-3 times on same issue, But thoughts pored back in as I tried sleeping and next morning when I woke up. Then again same feeling cycle.

                  I think It is more like a habit in me, and I might be needing PSTEC to succeefully reprogramme my Anxity habit.
                  Is it possible?

                  Jeff Harding
                  PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

                    Aloha Sheer,

                    Absolutely … most of what we think, say and do are out of habit… and it all stems from our sense of BEing, which, again, is a habit.  We think there is nothing else.  If we are asked to do a “ton” of work and believe we are not paid enough for it, then just imagine what that belief system would produce in terms of feeling… not good, yeah?

                    It's all about the Mind Model… what is your perception of reality… of life as it is?

                    What if when the works come in, your MM says that there is opportunity in there somewhere and that even if you cannot see it yet, it will reveal itself and lead you to the perfect people. places and experiences?  You see, this type of MM will allow you to see those opportunities and not feel anxious.  Whereas, the first example will leave one with feelings of anxiety, frustration, depression and worse.

                    You must become good at recognizing emotions vs. beliefs vs. behaviors.  Then, and only then, will you be able to use the PSTEC Tools at the height of their effectiveness.  But, remember, it's not really that difficult and when you begin to engage your conscious mind to notice the difference, then you are on the road to using your conscious mind for what it is intended.

                    Let's take your first paragraph and break it down a bit… remember, it's a bit more difficult via email or the forum, but this will help you along…

                    • anxious at work … ok, definitely an emotion and as you said, taking that feeling and letting memories come up and then using the CT's is excellent.
                    • thoughts of work piling up, thoughts of low salary, promotion, unworthiness, inability to learn new stuff as they seems too complex … these, most likely are more along the lines of beliefs … see this? … you have a belief of unworthiness and inability to learn new stuff or things that are a bit complex… an, now this is the job for PSTEC Positive (PP).

                      Remember, PSTEC Positive is for shifting beliefs and behaviors.

                    • fear of getting challaenges …this one seems more like a fear of a future or imagined event.  Imagine the worst challenge you can have; just let your mind go to the worst case scenario… how does that look to you?  Take that imagined event with the fear that comes up and use the CT.  Remember, also, if other memories come up, CT those as well… CT them all until they are all 0-1.
                    • thoughts about why i am stuck, thoughts about I cannot get changed” all together come and show up randomly… more beliefs here and the job of PP
                    • [/list]
                      You are anxious, basically, because you do not feel worthy and able yet you feel you “have to be” able.  You see?  You are skipping the being worthy step.  Once you establish a MM… a belief system… that you are worthy, then the rest takes care of itself, so to speak.

                      Keep clickin' on the emotions… don't look ahead or behind at your List… just keep clickin' what comes up … and … also … incorporate the use of PP with the statements and beliefs that support the type of person that is BEing confident, calm and at peace.

                      Be patient and kind with yourself… shifting or crafting your MM is the only thing that is important in life because THAT…  the MM … will determine your ability to allow JEEP, abundance and whatever purpose you “ought” to do in Life here.

                      Infinite Patience brings Immediate Results!

                      Malama Pono!


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