Reply To: Tangled web, where to start?


    Wow, OZ, thanks so much for the info.! 8) 
    I have 30 years of PTSD to clear, which now manifests as a lot of jaw, tongue,, etc., tension.  I get the quick results on specific events (AMAZING!), but still the lingering tension, which does seem to be slowly lowering (I'm 3 weeks in with the free tracks).  Have not yet ordered more tracks, but will probably buy Andy's “PTSD Option 3” sometime, as it has the most stuff.
    I usually do 4 CTs a day, and sometimes finish with “Wealth of Abundance,” as the PTSD blocks my finances, and then fall asleep.  The first few days were very dramatic, now the shifts are subtler.
    You totally addressed this, and I really appreciate it!  It took you 6 months to really get the ongoing symptoms.  This really encourages me to keep going.
    I think it takes time for the subc. to readjust, so I really look for and celebrate any small shift each day.  It's interesting, as each day is different.
    Thanks SO much, OZ!!!  And great job on your own stuff!  =)