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      I stumbled upon PSTEC a few days ago, and have used it about 5 times and have felt something, im not sure what yet – my negative mind says how can this help –

      I have been suffering from anxiety since I was 10 years old which by the time I was 20 had improved by 80%. By the time I was 23 after several deaths of close family members I suffered a panic attack that left me housebound, and within a few months so physically ill I was taken to hospital close to a coma with my kidneys, liver and pancreas shutting down. I have tried CBT, EFT, hypnotherpahy, NLP, all kinds of self help that haven't scratched the surface.
      I was also in an abusive relationship which I have just finally escaped from which I believe stopped me progressing – if i am to believe that my anxiety serves to protect me, it couldn't subside whilst I was allowing myself to be emotionally abused by this man.
      My question is really where to start – which optional extras would be useful, how would someone begin to untangle the issues keeping this fear in place.

      Thanks for your help

      PSTEC User

        Make sure to listen to the free click tracks made simple mp3.

        “my negative mind says how can this help”

        Well one of the first things you can do is use the click tracks on your doubts about using the click tracks.

        I would also suggest you write a chronological list of negative memories and issues, kind of a life story of your negativity.

        In terms of extras, the accelerators and pstec positive can both make the pstec process more effective. (pstec positive comes with pstec level 1 which also has the therapists guide). There's a pstec for panic attacks but I never used that.

        PSTEC User

          Hey thanks oz, I was thinking of tackling things chronologically – starting with my most traumatic panic attacks.

          I think im afraid more than negative about using pstec – as in, ive used EFT and other modalities that are supposedly a cure all for everyone and had little or no relief at all… still, thinking like that only paralyses me into doing nothing lol!

          I will persist, and am thinking of purchasing the level 1, thanks.

          PSTEC User

            Yeah the general rule of thumb is to go for things that are earlier, and things that are more traumatic. Sometimes those conflict and you have a choice to make, but it doesn't really matter that much. The most important thing is that you actually use the click tracks. Try do do at least 1 session a day(3-5 run throughs) which will take around 30 minutes to an hour. But you can do more, my record is 15 run throughs taking around 2.5 hours. Very intense but very worth it. But don't be afraid to have days off, be kind to yourself. You have to find your own limits, but the more you use the click tracks, the better your mental state will become.

            I had suicidal depression and issues going back 14 years. I've been using the click tracks since January, they'd impact the specific issue I clicked on, but the overall depression remained, although it might have reduced for the day after clicking. Emotionally it was still turbulent. Around the Middle of July the depression mostly cleared. There's still some there, and specific issues if I think about them can make me completely distraught, but I'm still working through them and my emotional state is pretty stable now.

            Also, the click tracks attack any negative emotion, guilt, fear, sadness, anger, shame etc. So you can click away your fear of using it. You can think of the failure of the other modalities and click away. Think of your fear of pstec not working and click away.

            The following thread has lots of great advice in it:


            PSTEC User

              Wow, thats really reassuring. How brave of you to be so persistent. It still astonishes me how many people have suffered so greatly and soldiered on against the odds. Thanks for sharing that with me.

              I did about 4-5 rounds yesterday, mainly to do with the sheer panic that my ex partner has/had caused me. It has helped, and at the root of my panic feelings is a sense of unfairness and actually anger. Whilst clicking with the feelings of him, I was seeing memories of perceived unfairness from my childhood – is that normal to start somewhere and end up somewhere else? is it ok to let the mind wander like this?
              I will pursue the older memories but the current situation is so intrusive and consuming that I have had to go with that for the time being.

              Also, can anyone answer if pstec can be used for fatigue and pain?

              Thanks again, and go you Oz!

              PSTEC User

                Wow, OZ, thanks so much for the info.! 8) 
                I have 30 years of PTSD to clear, which now manifests as a lot of jaw, tongue,, etc., tension.  I get the quick results on specific events (AMAZING!), but still the lingering tension, which does seem to be slowly lowering (I'm 3 weeks in with the free tracks).  Have not yet ordered more tracks, but will probably buy Andy's “PTSD Option 3” sometime, as it has the most stuff.
                I usually do 4 CTs a day, and sometimes finish with “Wealth of Abundance,” as the PTSD blocks my finances, and then fall asleep.  The first few days were very dramatic, now the shifts are subtler.
                You totally addressed this, and I really appreciate it!  It took you 6 months to really get the ongoing symptoms.  This really encourages me to keep going.
                I think it takes time for the subc. to readjust, so I really look for and celebrate any small shift each day.  It's interesting, as each day is different.
                Thanks SO much, OZ!!!  And great job on your own stuff!  =)

                PSTEC User

                  Whilst clicking with the feelings of him, I was seeing memories of perceived unfairness from my childhood – is that normal to start somewhere and end up somewhere else? is it ok to let the mind wander like this?

                  Yeah, our memories and feelings are all linked up. For example if you hear a song you might be reminded of someone. There's a link between the two in your brain. Our negative memories are very much linked to other negative memories, like a web. It's like each memory is one link in a chain of memories. You can focus on clicking one link at a time or you can traverse the chain of memories through a click track. It's up to you to experiment, I suggest mixing the two, sometimes focus on one issue only, other times let your mind wander.

                  I will pursue the older memories but the current situation is so intrusive and consuming that I have had to go with that for the time being.

                  Yeah that's great, the worst memories are the one's to deal with. I did that as well, I had some current memories that were more fresh and distressing, so I started on those, dealt with them a little(but not completely) and then dealt with older  memories. Then I'd alternate between old and current memories. Then I started going through the list, and picked out a memory that would stick out for whatever reason and deal with that.

                  It has helped, and at the root of my panic feelings is a sense of unfairness and actually anger. Whilst clicking with the feelings of him, I was seeing memories of perceived unfairness from my childhood

                  There's the chain in action. So this is how you untangle the web. As you do the clicking and deal with issues, your subconcious will tell you what other issues you need to deal with. So you need to click away the panic, click away the feelings of unfairness and the feelings of anger. These are all links in the chain, they have their own power, but they also hold each other up. So in weakening one, you weaken the others. Recognising multiple issues means you now have rich pickings to click away.

                  I get the quick results on specific events (AMAZING!), but still the lingering tension, which does seem to be slowly lowering (I'm 3 weeks in with the free tracks).

                  At the start when I tackled the tough issues, while using the tracks I tuned into the emotion more and more. It got almost overpowering, I was consumed with the emotion while clicking I was almost seizing up, my motor functions were almost temporarily debilitated, I was desperate to stop but I carried on clicking till the end. I'd rate it a 15/10, so bad. Because I was so tuned in to my emotion it was the worst I've ever felt in my life. My list of issues is around 200 items. I was thinking, how can I take this, this is so not fair. But after a few weeks, can't remember exactly, but the emotions during the click tracks lessened. Even though I was dealing with issues just as bad or worse even the emotions were lessened.

                  So the first 5 or 10 or whatever major issues you deal with are the worst and then it gets easier to handle. Now the worst I feel is probably 9/10 compared to 15/10 back then. I know 15/10 is nonsensical it's hard for me to rate but it makes sense to me :)
                  Now I try to do 1 accelerator click track and 9 click tracks a day.

                  PSTEC User

                    Thanks, OZ!!! :)
                    For me, it's a roller-coaster.  Last night, the tension was less; and during the tracks, it was less, too, yay!  (It used to get worse during the tracks, so this is huge progress!)
                    But then, the tension kept waking me up last night, and is worse now.  It is very kinetic like this.

                    PSTEC User

                      Good to hear that you are making progress :) Emotions are a bit of rollercoaster for everyone I'd guess, I think it is natural for things to get better sometimes and worse sometimes. The important thing is not to get disheartened when things get more difficult.

                      The ultimate aim is to get the tension less when you are not using the tracks. It doesn't matter if the tension is high during the tracks. You don't need to feel the emotion while clicking, you only have to try as hard as you can to feel the emotion. But I like to think of it as trial by fire. If you do feel the emotion strongly then you know you are doing it right. So just be careful of being complacent, if you aren't feeling the emotion while using the tracks, think of it as a challenge to try even harder to feel it. I suppose the simple yardstick is that the emotion you feel while clicking should be stronger than when you are not using the tracks.

                      For me, when I start using the track the emotion is between 0 and 2. By the end of the 1st run through it goes up to 6 or 7. By the end of the second run through it goes up to a peak of 9 or 10. The exception is if it's already at a peak 9 or 10 before I start. Either way it stays at that peak until the end of at least the 4th run through. Sometimes it takes till the end of the 7th or 8th run through before it drops from a 10 to around a 6. This has been consistent for every single issue I've clicked on since April. I've been trying harder and I've been hitting a peak of 12/10 for the last 2 issues, the highest in a month. But I don't look at it as a backwards step, I see it as my ability to use the click tracks getting better and the end result is better.

                      PSTEC User

                        .OZ!!! ;D
                        OMG this is the THIRD time I've rewritten this, it keeps disappearing, haha!  I'm feeling relaxed about it, so PSTEC must be working!!!  haha
                        I am SO inspired by your tenacity in handling your stuff!!!  And thank you SO much for the informational context, guidance, and MAP for where I am going.  This is EXACTLY what I've been wanting, these experiential explanations.
                        I know that getting more tracks is on my agenda.  I am 3 1/2 weeks in with the free tracks and “Wealth of Abundance.”
                        It is nighttime where I am, and the tension is at a nice low amount now.  This is common.  Daytime and overnight are more activating.
                        When I first started, the tension would start at an 8, spike to a 9, and not subside until the very end of the track.  It was very dramatic. It took a few tracks to get to 0-1.  Now it starts at 4-5 and subsides to 0 in one track, usually.  I do another track just to make sure.  So I get 2 events done in a session now.  I started out doing the “worst and oldest” evetns first, and am feeling the benefit of that now.
                        The “running tension” also was worse at the begining and is less now.
                        I really try and look at my results in the context of a whole 24 hour day.  I ALWAYS have times each day of more release and shift (like now! =)), and times of more tension.  So I celebrate each shift and try not to overfocus on the times when there's more.  (There have been recent posts on the Forum to this effect, the “Is this working?” stuff.  I get why people wonder about that.  I was wondering myself earlier today when the tension was worse, but now, less tension=no questions!  haha)
                        I alos wondered, “What if I run out of events and still have the tension?” haha, but that's not happening.  (I still have old stuff to clear.)  And there are always things to click on.  I had a weird encounter with someone today, and can click on that.  These things all have the same “theme.”  I look forward to when I am clicking on daily stuff and goals, instead of just old stuff. 
                        This is such a beautiful, alive process!  Each day is different in what comes up and what clears.  And the speed of it is just astonishing!  I am in a different place with it now from when I started.  PSTEC works in such a deep and different way from all else I have tried.  I think when people feel kind of flat and empty from the clearing, it is the subc. readjusting, and need for positive installations.  We are really used to our stuff, and it is wedded in our subc. to our survival, too.  PSTEC somehow gets under all that.
                        I hope Tim and staff are aware of what a service they are doing, not just with the technique, but with the fact that we can heal ourselves with it.  This is VERY re-empowering!!!  It's like a double-healing!  It was unheard of for me to get these shifts, and on my own.  I am getting more power back with it.  I am always thinking, “Wow, I did this myself!” with each shift and release.
                        Thanks for the tip about TRYING to feel the feeling.  This is even more important now that things are less dramatic. (Makes sense!)  I've been really enjoying the lessened-tension, but also feeling kind of bored and complacent with it already =)–great word for it!  Now I know where to go with it from where I am.
                        Thanks SO much, OZ!!!  I'll report back with my continuing results..
                        If ever you need my support, don't hesitate to contact me.  I check the Forum daily.  Keep going–you are doing GREAT!!!
                        ETERNAL GRATITUDE!!!

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