Reply To: Tangled web, where to start?


    Whilst clicking with the feelings of him, I was seeing memories of perceived unfairness from my childhood – is that normal to start somewhere and end up somewhere else? is it ok to let the mind wander like this?

    Yeah, our memories and feelings are all linked up. For example if you hear a song you might be reminded of someone. There's a link between the two in your brain. Our negative memories are very much linked to other negative memories, like a web. It's like each memory is one link in a chain of memories. You can focus on clicking one link at a time or you can traverse the chain of memories through a click track. It's up to you to experiment, I suggest mixing the two, sometimes focus on one issue only, other times let your mind wander.

    I will pursue the older memories but the current situation is so intrusive and consuming that I have had to go with that for the time being.

    Yeah that's great, the worst memories are the one's to deal with. I did that as well, I had some current memories that were more fresh and distressing, so I started on those, dealt with them a little(but not completely) and then dealt with older  memories. Then I'd alternate between old and current memories. Then I started going through the list, and picked out a memory that would stick out for whatever reason and deal with that.

    It has helped, and at the root of my panic feelings is a sense of unfairness and actually anger. Whilst clicking with the feelings of him, I was seeing memories of perceived unfairness from my childhood

    There's the chain in action. So this is how you untangle the web. As you do the clicking and deal with issues, your subconcious will tell you what other issues you need to deal with. So you need to click away the panic, click away the feelings of unfairness and the feelings of anger. These are all links in the chain, they have their own power, but they also hold each other up. So in weakening one, you weaken the others. Recognising multiple issues means you now have rich pickings to click away.

    I get the quick results on specific events (AMAZING!), but still the lingering tension, which does seem to be slowly lowering (I'm 3 weeks in with the free tracks).

    At the start when I tackled the tough issues, while using the tracks I tuned into the emotion more and more. It got almost overpowering, I was consumed with the emotion while clicking I was almost seizing up, my motor functions were almost temporarily debilitated, I was desperate to stop but I carried on clicking till the end. I'd rate it a 15/10, so bad. Because I was so tuned in to my emotion it was the worst I've ever felt in my life. My list of issues is around 200 items. I was thinking, how can I take this, this is so not fair. But after a few weeks, can't remember exactly, but the emotions during the click tracks lessened. Even though I was dealing with issues just as bad or worse even the emotions were lessened.

    So the first 5 or 10 or whatever major issues you deal with are the worst and then it gets easier to handle. Now the worst I feel is probably 9/10 compared to 15/10 back then. I know 15/10 is nonsensical it's hard for me to rate but it makes sense to me :)
    Now I try to do 1 accelerator click track and 9 click tracks a day.