Reply To: Tangled web, where to start?


    Good to hear that you are making progress :) Emotions are a bit of rollercoaster for everyone I'd guess, I think it is natural for things to get better sometimes and worse sometimes. The important thing is not to get disheartened when things get more difficult.

    The ultimate aim is to get the tension less when you are not using the tracks. It doesn't matter if the tension is high during the tracks. You don't need to feel the emotion while clicking, you only have to try as hard as you can to feel the emotion. But I like to think of it as trial by fire. If you do feel the emotion strongly then you know you are doing it right. So just be careful of being complacent, if you aren't feeling the emotion while using the tracks, think of it as a challenge to try even harder to feel it. I suppose the simple yardstick is that the emotion you feel while clicking should be stronger than when you are not using the tracks.

    For me, when I start using the track the emotion is between 0 and 2. By the end of the 1st run through it goes up to 6 or 7. By the end of the second run through it goes up to a peak of 9 or 10. The exception is if it's already at a peak 9 or 10 before I start. Either way it stays at that peak until the end of at least the 4th run through. Sometimes it takes till the end of the 7th or 8th run through before it drops from a 10 to around a 6. This has been consistent for every single issue I've clicked on since April. I've been trying harder and I've been hitting a peak of 12/10 for the last 2 issues, the highest in a month. But I don't look at it as a backwards step, I see it as my ability to use the click tracks getting better and the end result is better.