Reply To: Tangled web, where to start?


    .OZ!!! ;D
    OMG this is the THIRD time I've rewritten this, it keeps disappearing, haha!  I'm feeling relaxed about it, so PSTEC must be working!!!  haha
    I am SO inspired by your tenacity in handling your stuff!!!  And thank you SO much for the informational context, guidance, and MAP for where I am going.  This is EXACTLY what I've been wanting, these experiential explanations.
    I know that getting more tracks is on my agenda.  I am 3 1/2 weeks in with the free tracks and “Wealth of Abundance.”
    It is nighttime where I am, and the tension is at a nice low amount now.  This is common.  Daytime and overnight are more activating.
    When I first started, the tension would start at an 8, spike to a 9, and not subside until the very end of the track.  It was very dramatic. It took a few tracks to get to 0-1.  Now it starts at 4-5 and subsides to 0 in one track, usually.  I do another track just to make sure.  So I get 2 events done in a session now.  I started out doing the “worst and oldest” evetns first, and am feeling the benefit of that now.
    The “running tension” also was worse at the begining and is less now.
    I really try and look at my results in the context of a whole 24 hour day.  I ALWAYS have times each day of more release and shift (like now! =)), and times of more tension.  So I celebrate each shift and try not to overfocus on the times when there's more.  (There have been recent posts on the Forum to this effect, the “Is this working?” stuff.  I get why people wonder about that.  I was wondering myself earlier today when the tension was worse, but now, less tension=no questions!  haha)
    I alos wondered, “What if I run out of events and still have the tension?” haha, but that's not happening.  (I still have old stuff to clear.)  And there are always things to click on.  I had a weird encounter with someone today, and can click on that.  These things all have the same “theme.”  I look forward to when I am clicking on daily stuff and goals, instead of just old stuff. 
    This is such a beautiful, alive process!  Each day is different in what comes up and what clears.  And the speed of it is just astonishing!  I am in a different place with it now from when I started.  PSTEC works in such a deep and different way from all else I have tried.  I think when people feel kind of flat and empty from the clearing, it is the subc. readjusting, and need for positive installations.  We are really used to our stuff, and it is wedded in our subc. to our survival, too.  PSTEC somehow gets under all that.
    I hope Tim and staff are aware of what a service they are doing, not just with the technique, but with the fact that we can heal ourselves with it.  This is VERY re-empowering!!!  It's like a double-healing!  It was unheard of for me to get these shifts, and on my own.  I am getting more power back with it.  I am always thinking, “Wow, I did this myself!” with each shift and release.
    Thanks for the tip about TRYING to feel the feeling.  This is even more important now that things are less dramatic. (Makes sense!)  I've been really enjoying the lessened-tension, but also feeling kind of bored and complacent with it already =)–great word for it!  Now I know where to go with it from where I am.
    Thanks SO much, OZ!!!  I'll report back with my continuing results..
    If ever you need my support, don't hesitate to contact me.  I check the Forum daily.  Keep going–you are doing GREAT!!!