Reply To: Increase in feelings


    When you use the click tracks you think of the memory and try hard to feel the emotions. This really unlocks the emotions and then the click tracks go to work which may take many run throughs to succeed. Because you are only doing 1 or 2 run throughs, you are unlocking the emotion but not fully dealing with it. Because the emotions are unlocked but not dealt with they are now free for many hours afterwards.

    So you really need to complete the process, which means do more run throughs. Personally I never do less than 4 run throughs, I don't want the negative emotions unlocked and free to do damage. If doing more than 1 or 2 is not possible I would suggest taking it easier while running the tracks.

    The tracks are most effective when trying as hard as you can, but the most important thing is repetitions, doing 4 run throughs every day for a week at a lower intensity is better than 1 every day at high intensity.

    The instructions are to focus on not just the emotion, but also the memory. So you don't need to strain for 10 minutes trying to make the emotion stronger and stronger and stronger. There's points in the track where Tim's voice tells you try to feel the emotion as hard as you can, which you can follow. But once you've got it, you don't need to turn the volume higher, you just need to hold it in place so the track can work on it. In a sense, if you are feeling the emotion, why do you need to try?, you can just feel.

    Think of balancing a book on your head, you need to try hard to concentrate, but it's about efficiency and focus not straining. It is an exercise in diligence rather than an exercise in straining your brain.  You can also share the time not just on the emotion but focusing on the memory and try to see it more detail. Again an exercise in diligence which will take all your brain power, but won't be a struggle.

    You could even pace yourself, and with each run through feel the emotion more, and on the 4th run through try your hardest. Or pace yourself over days in that do it at a lower intensity to bring it down a bit to the point where you can try your hardest.