Reply To: Increase in feelings


    Hey thanks for the advice – im not sure I have explained properly – I struggle to feel any emotion, at times it is literally ridiculous I become numb. Then at random times (especially just before I go to bed, and wake up) I have an explosion of the panic feeling. Maybe I just have to experience it, whilst still working on it everyday. I think these are very suppressed feelings – I think panic attacks are often really what happens when we try to avoid feeling something.
    I feel very odd in myself, and its really unpleasant, but strangely I have been doing a little more. Only simple things, and questioning whether I could do them last week etc, but a family member who is very conscious of my problems has said I definitely wouldn't have done them just a week ago, so SOMETHING is happening… I've had this extreme panic/agoraphobia for nearly 5 years now, so I guess its not a quick fix.  I'll just keep trying to chip away at it.