Reply To: Increase in feelings

Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    You're always welcome.

    Give it a go with the tools on your own first … I believe you will be able to make some great strides on your own and with Tim's Tools and Tutorials, if you approach the issues with patience, confidence and make this work (play?) a priority, then you WILL find the solutions and shift your mind model to one of pure J.E.E.P…. one of True Freedom!

    Just remember to LISTEN …. listen to your sub … it will present the answers to heal for you because as you feel a feeling and ask, in your mind, these types of questions…

    • When was the last time I felt that way… and before that… and before that?
    • When did I start feeling that way… when was the first time I started feeling that way in my life?
    • Where did that come from… when did I come up with that conclusion… that way of viewing people, places, things… life?
    • [/list]
      … wait for an answer.  It may not come immediately because listening to our sub is a skill, but the more you practice that skill, the better and better and better you will become.

      Malama Pono… aloha!